The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 12


Katrina growled in my head, I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t even move at all, I was frozen in place watching Kade and Macy kissing like they’re each other’s oxygen.

‘Can’t talk to mate!’ Katrina gritted through her teeth.

He doesn’t want us.

‘No! Something’s wrong!’ Katrina argued. A tear slid down my face.

“Oh I didn’t see y’all there.” Macy said smirking.

And at that moment I wanted to pluck her hair one by one just so she could feel what I feel.

“Kade, what’s the meaning of this?” Christopher asked.

“Kade.” I whispered.

He turned to look at me, his eyes went pitch black and walked towards me in the most intimidating way. My wolf cowered in fear.

“I despise you.” He said with hateful spite.

“What? But... I’m your mate.” I said it was barely a whisper.

He laughed, his laugh sent shivers to my spine and not in a good way.

“I, Kade Matthews Reid reject you Gabreelle Justine Somers as my mate.”

I suddenly felt like my heart was being torn apart, I was full on crying right now. but if that’s what he wants then I’ll give him what he wants,

“I, Gabreelle Justine Somers accept your rejection.” I said.

And his eyes went back to it’s normal color, and he yelled in pain. I ran back to the house as fast as I can. I packed all my belongings, and I swear that I finished it before anyone can say Beverly hills, California. I immediately went out the window.

Why? I don’t know it was an impulsive decision. I then ran as fast as I could in the woods towards town, when I reached my destination I hailed a taxi and went for the airport.

'Good bye' was all I said in my mind as I was sitting in the cab staring out the window lost in thought.

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