The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 13


I ran after Bree, but she was incredibly fast. As I reached her room, it was locked, I bust open the door and as I looked at my surroundings it was clear of any of her stuff.

"No, no no no."

This shouldn’t have happened.

But it just did and All because of that girl and her black magic. I am extremely disappointed in Kade, because in the first place he should’ve told me that she was his mate I could’ve gone and gave him and her more protection.

Lynus, Jonathan, Jackson, Nixon and Michael ran to her room also, they looked heartbroken as they examine the surroundings and found that there was none of her belongings left.

“The good thing is.” Michael started. We all looked at him, glaring at him to death. How dare he say such a thing?

“Let me finish.” He rolled his eyes. “I bought her tickets to Italy, her flight’s later.” He said.

“We should give her some space for today and just book a flight for tomorrow.” Nixon said.

“But what if something happens to her?!” I yelled at them.


I was training at the field and saw the scene that took place there, I went to the parking lot as fast as I could and rode my Harley Davidson and drove to the woods that led to town.

I just had an inkling that she won’t stay in the woods, she’s too smart for that.

And as if on cue I felt a cold breeze as of something passed by me and as I smelled it, it was Gabreelle’s scent.

She stopped and hailed for a cab, and as she went in I closed my helmet and followed her, the cab stopped at the airport. I went down my bike and walked while still on my helmet.

I covered my scent, and bumped into her causing her to let her passport fall and having me get a glimpse at her boarding pass which was going to Milan, Italy!

I went back my bike, and sped off back to the pack house to pack and get all my money. I sped off back to the airport and luckily I got there in time to book a flight.

Moon goddess, please just please guide me on this trip, and give me knowledge and wisdom on how to handle her.

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