The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 16


After Mikhail shared his experience with rejection my respect for him heightened, he dealt with it the mature way.

I wish I was strong as him.

I raised my cup and said" To all the dumb bitches and dicks that ruin relationships."

He broke into laughter and raised his cup, "To all the dumb bitches and dicks that ruin relationships."

But wait- why was he here again? “I want to know, Mikhail. Why are you here?” I asked him.

“Is it not obvious?” He asked.

I rolled my eyes, “Don’t answer my question with a question.” I said.

“I followed you. I'm coming with you to Milan.” He said.

“No, you’re not.” I said not believing him.

“Oh, yes I am.” he said waving his pass at me.

I rolled my eyes.

“You should be happy that you’re going to live with a handsome guy like me.” he said flexing his arms.

“I’ve seen better.” I scoffed and said.

“Oh really now?” he asked.


“Mate’s don’t count.” he said smirking.

I opened my mouth but closed it, ’cause he’s right. I only think Kade is better because he is my mate.

“Besides I have a condo there.” he said.

“You have a condo unit in Italy? Why?” I asked.

“My mom and dad loved to travel and they bought a condo unit there last year, since they passed away I inherited all their properties and everything else they own.”

“You’re an only child?” I asked.

“Yes. Enough with the chit chat we need to get on the plane.” He said. he pushed my luggage and his.

His family is a very touchy subject for him, he seems to avoid talking about it for long.

We went in and sat down in our seats in the first class section of the plane. Turns out that he knew the pilot, instead of sitting in the economy section we got promoted to first class.

I just hope going to Milan is a great idea.

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