The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 17


“We need to do something!” I said through the phone to Michael.

“You know black magic is prohibited in werewolf property so you got a reason to held her captive.” he said.

“Should I consult the other Elders?” I asked.

“They’re here listening in on our conversation.” he said.

“Do it.” Jackson said.

“If you won’t, I'll be happy to do it.” Nixon said.

“We’re going on our way to go there.” Jackson said.

“I’ll wait for all of you to get here.” I said then ended the call.

I mindlinked Jude, he immediately went in my office. “Yes, Alpha?”

“Please call Macy.” I said. He nodded and went out.

As soon as he got out I mindlinked some pack members to clean out the cell in the basement.

Jackson texted me and said that they were here and I replied that they should go directly to the cell in the basement.

I mindlinked that the pack warriors should guard the door in case Macy tried to escape.

I got a handful of salt in my palms cause salt purified all, I got Jude and two pack warriors in my office as well. Macy entered,

“Alpha.” She said. Not even bowing as respect.

“I’m going straight to the point Macy, sit down.” I said. We sat down and she crossed her legs.

“What do you want from my son?” I asked.

“I’m in love with your son, Sir. I want nothing but his love.” She said.

“Bullshit.” I said. “The truth! I want the truth!” I yelled.

“I don’t know what you mean, Sir.” She said innocently.

I inhaled her scent, it was off. as I suspected, I smirked.

“It’s alpha for you.” I said. “Macy you forgot something.”

Her brows furrowed, I mindlinked Jude and Justin to held her captive. they did it without hesitation.

“Why are you doing this!” she yelled.

I threw the salt to her, her face and ever skin of her body burned. “you forgot to hide your scent.” She screamed for bloody help.

“Take her to the cell in the basement.” I said.

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