The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 19


“No, I don’t!” I yelled at him.

“Yes, you do.” he argues smirking.

I punched him in the arm as I yelled “Stop smirking! And no, I do not!”

“Yes, you do and I won’t stop smirking.” He said smirking. annoying me more as he said every word.

Well, let me fill you in about what happened 10 hours ago.

10 hours ago

We just landed from our flight, I was tired! I felt like my butt sore from the flight! It’s like, it’s square shaped now if that’s even possible.

Mikhail hailed a cab, and so we went and drove to his condo. I admired the beautiful city lights while we drove past it.

I can feel my eyes droop from jet lag, so when we got there I immediately dashed to the bathroom and washed myself and pee and everything. I changed to boxers and a sleeveless tee,

When I got to the master’s bedroom, it was a nice queen sized bed that can fit 4 people I think.

I lied down and went to deep slumber as I closed my eyes, and when I woke up I walked to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth and when I finished I let my hair out my ponytail and let it hang loose.

As I examined the bathroom, it’s like those hotel bathrooms, it has a nice yellowish light, marble floors, cream colored walls, and a marble sink. there’s also a big Jacuzzi and a separate shower. It was beautiful,

I went out and walked to the living room, it was bigger than I imagined. I always thought that a condo was small but definitely not the storm’s condo. The living room was empty except for the TV. I looked at the window, it was a panoramic window where you can see the beautiful view of Milan, I hope that I get to wander around soon.

“Beautiful, right?”

I looked beside me to see Mikhail in a white plain low arm hole muscle tee and dark grey jogger pants. He is handso-

Stop it, Bree you already got a mate.

‘A mate who rejected you for some hoe.’ Kat said, ‘Besides you should try and get along with Mikhail.’ she said.

It’s nice to see that you’re okay, Kat.

‘I’m losing the bond with Kade’s wolf so no worries I can do this.’ She said. 'I like Mikhail’s wolf.'

I went back to reality, “Yeah, the view.” I said and he smiled at me.

“I know.” he said looking straight at me I blushed right then and there feeling butterflies. I shouldn’t be feeling this way, I just got rejected and all.

“You woke me up at 7am with your snoring.” Well, there goes the butterflies.

“I do not snore!” I yelled at him.

“Oh, yes you do!”

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