The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 2


When I went home I immediately changed into a black oversized shirt and gray sweatpants and Mr. Reid called for me. I immediately went down to his office because my room is in the attic.

I knocked on the door and I heard someone say “Come on in.”

I went inside, “You called for me, Mr. Reid?”

“Yes, I did. Come on in, Sit down please.” He said while motioning me to sit down. I did and he talked.

“So, Isaac called me today.” He said. He’s friends with Mr. Foyer of course they are on first name basis. "He told me that he saw Macy pulling your hair violently, and he also told me that when he asked you to explain you said nothing. Please explain to me why you are covering up for Macy Richards.”

“Well first of all, Sir-“

“Call me Christopher.” He said.

“Well, Christopher. He wouldn’t believe me anyway because Macy started crying like I broke her nail.” I said.

“What happened?” He asked.

“She was calling me a slut but at the time I had enough of the bullying. So, I said what makes me a slut? And then she changed topics then I said 'Why’d you change topics? Because you don’t have any proof that I’m a slut?' then she shouted 'You bitch' then she pulled my hair like a madwoman that she is.” I told him.

“She’s a girl, she’ll never be a woman if she doesn’t mature.” He said sighing and massaging his forehead. He looked up to me, “I’m happy for you that you stood up for yourself.” He said while smiling.

“You believe me?” I asked in disbelief.

“I do, I got a copy of the video.” He said while waving it out to me. I couldn’t help but smile.

“She’s just insecure of you, Gabreelle.” He said.

My full name is Gabreelle Justine Somers, and no there’s no typographical errors here. My name is pronounced as Gabrielle but that was its spelling. Parents wanted to be original and shit.

“Why would she be insecure? She’s the popular one. She’s got everything, she even has parents. Why would she be insecure of me? I’m nothing compared to her. She’s the girlfriend of the soon to be alpha, she’s the daughter of two rich business man and woman of the pack, she’s the school queen b and what am i? The pack omega, the pack’s punching bag, the pack’s slave.” I said.

“You’re not, that’s why I talked to the pack warriors to look over you when they’re not training and some of the pack members that if they would see somebody beating you up they would tell me right away and I will punish them. And please, don’t think lowly of yourself! I had Kade and his buddies do extra training because I found out about this a long time ago but they haven’t stopped have they? At least I know that Kade’s distanced himself from you.”

“I know and thank you, Sir.” I told him.

“Call me, Christopher. Oh! And Gabreelle can you please clean the conference room the elders will come here for a meeting. Mrs. Down is busy with laundry at the moment.” He said while gathering papers.

I nodded, “Would that be all?”

“No, Can you please cook those pure beef burgers that you make? Lynus says the group loves it and would pay a hundred dollars for it just to taste it again.” He said chuckling. I laughed along.

“I will.” I said. “Juice or soft drinks?” I asked.

“Soft drink would suffice, some Cola would do!” He said happily. “And by the way…” He said while standing up and getting a box in his cabinet. He gave it to me,

“Advance happy birthday!” He said grinning. “You can open it in your room.”

It was a huge box that was covered with red and white stripes I was itching to open it because I rarely get gifts from anyone.

“And by the way you’re coming to the meeting.” He said smiling.

“Okay!” I said. I hugged him, “Thank you so much for this, you’ve been an amazing father figure to me.” I said while I smiled up at him. I went up to my room to open my present, inside the box was a pair of light brown and black without the heels, both of them was beautiful! And that’s not all because I saw the new Macbook encased in a box with a note outside of it saying ‘I know how hard you worked for the pack and how consistent you are in school.You deserve this.’ and after those it was clothes.

Lots of oversized plaid button downs and pants. I was grinning from ear to ear! I was a happy kid! And at the bottom
There was a wallet that’s in light brown color and inside was a credit card, and there was also an ATM card and a thousand bucks in here. And there was a note,

“Your mother and father wanted to give you your money when you turn 16 so this is it! Advance happy birthday! You can read the letter in the envelope after the meeting.

Christopher Reid”

I went to the bathroom quickly to take a bath, I wonder what’s in the letter though. After taking a bath I changed into a light denim skinny jeans and an oversized white shirt that my dad used to wear. I cleaned up the conference room and then I went down the kitchen happily, wore an apron and made the patty of the burger. I cooked my special hamburger for about 45 minutes including the potato chips that I made on the side. I cooked for 7 people, because maybe they would bring a guardian or something to the meeting because all in all they would just be six. Five elders and alpha Reid.

I went up to the conference room and placed the burgers and their cola there. “Hi Bree!” The elders shouted.

“Good Evening, Elders.” I bowed as a sign of respect.

“Advance happy birthday!” They shouted in unison while hugging me.

“Thank you so much.” I said surprised.

“We brought you gifts!” They said.

They gave an envelope containing money, " I couldn't accept this. It's too much." I said.

"Nonsense!" Elder Lynus said. "You are like a daughter to us. We don't have anyone to spoil since we all don't have wives and children."

And Elder Jonathan was smirking, he gave me an envelope to which I opened… It had a familiar logo…

Instituto Marangoni School of Fashion and Design! "This is not possible." I have been dying to go to this school! And I read that I have been accepted!

“How?!” I exclaimed.

“It took a lot of convincing with Isaac but he agreed so I made him make you your diploma. But promise me that you’d still be consistent with high grades in Milan.”

“I promise! I can do it!” I said excitedly.

“Isaac e-mailed you and wants you to answer the tests online.” He said.

"This is really happening." I said.

"Yes it is." Elder Nixon said.

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