The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 29


I walked out the condo and hid my scent, he might follow me. I walked around and finally got to where I needed to be.

I saw Yvonne and sat beside her, "Good morning.” I said.

“Good morning, darling. Are you excited? It’s your first project, right?” she said smiling and taking a sip of her cappuccino.

“Yes, I am and yes, it is my first project.” I said smiling while taking out my small notepad and pencil.

“So let’s get to business shall we?” She said. I nodded, "What I want my café's customers is to feel relaxing, I want it to look classy and elegant but with comfort. I want this to be a romantic place. can you do that for me? I can give you two months to renovate the café.”

“I can give you the final rendered sketch of the design by Tuesday .” I said to her.

We talked about the color of the walls I suggested that we don’t color the walls but the furniture should have colors, she talked about the history of this café. That this café was just a small pastry shop back then and it expanded when she got married to her mate Francisco storm.

Francisco is a chef and Yvonne is a pastry chef and together they were amazing.

They met while they were at the market and they were arguing on who’s going to buy the last stock of cream cheese.

Yvonne needed it for her cheesecake so she was desperate because she needed to bake. So, she grabbed it from his hands but not before feeling sparks.

“I envy you.” I said out loud.

“Why is that?”

“Your mate didn’t reject you.” I said.

“You were rejected? But why?”

“Maybe because I didn’t give in too easily, he rejected me for a whore.” I said.

“Those who don’t wait for their mates deserved to be punished.” she said. “Did you accept his rejection?”

I nodded and said “Yes. Luckily my flight to Milan was at the same day, your grandson followed me to the airport and had me stay with him at his condo.” I said.

“He got rejected too. She was a whore and he got rejected for a coward, both of them died in a rogue attack. Cynthia was the devil’s incarnation! She got Mikhail drunk and acted like they had sex and told him that she was pregnant a month after. but thankfully there were cameras installed in his room, by the time that he knew he confronted her and she rejected him. Mikhail accepted the rejection,

He was full of rage, that’s why. but not
Before the Moon Goddess talked to him to go to your old pack. And as soon as he left rogues attacked our land, sparing no one’s life.”

“He told me about the attack and the rejection but not that he got the girl pregnant.” I said.

“You didn’t ask him. You should ask him.” She told me.

I nodded and my phone buzzed non stop it was a call, I looked at it and it was Mikhail I answered. “Hello?” I said.

“Hi, you done yet?” he asked.

“Almost, just give me a sec okay?”

“Sure.” he said.


“No I love you? you really hurt my feelings, Gabreelle!”

I laughed, “Stop it dork, Bye.” I ended the call but not before hearing his chuckle at the end of the line.

Yvonne was looking at me amused and then she smiled, “I think you have a date with my grandson. I’ll leave you two be.” she said smirking.

“No, it’s not a date. We’re just friends.” I said.

She laughed, ” I already gave you the square meters of this café right?”

I nodded and she had a grin on her face. what does she know that I don’t?

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