The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 3


The meeting was just about surprising me. We ate the burgers and potato chips then drank cola. After the meeting I cleaned up the conference room. I had the gifts under one hand and when I went outside.

“What were you doing with the elders?” Macy said folding her arms on her chest.

“I cleaned up the conference room.” I said

“Bullshit! You were there the whole meeting!” She yelled.

I just rolled my eyes and walked towards the stairs, she grabbed my arm forcefully . “Why haven’t you made us snacks?!” She yelled.

“Because I was too busy cleaning up the conference room! Can you please shut up!?” I shouted at her losing my cool.

“How dare you shout at me! Have you no respect!” She screamed at me. Hasn’t she noticed by now that she’s like a banshee?!

Then someone kicked me in the ribs making me groan and crash on the wall, “Can you just stop and respect her!"

I pointed my finger and pressed it hard on his chest, “Get away from me! You have no right to even touch me!” I pointed at her “And you! You fricking whore! You have no right to even boss me around! You don’t even pay me to work here ! How dare you order me around like your slave!” I said through clenched teeth.

“And you!” I pointed to Kade, “Yes you distanced yourself but did you stop them? No! You should all be ashamed of yourselves! I don’t even get paid to do your shit! I am not even an omega! I don't have to do your shit when you can do it by yourselves!” I shouted at them.

“One more damn insult and abuse to her and I will kick you out of the pack!” Shouted Mr. Reid -Christopher in his alpha voice which had my brother, Kade and bitch Macy cowering in fear.

“She made a point! She’s just helping the pack and all of you act like she’s a slave!” He shouted once more. “Bree you can go to your room now.”

I walked to the stairs and up to my room which was the fifth floor, the last I heard of Christopher shouting was, “The three of you are making dinner!”

“But dad! I didn’t do anything!”

“Of course you didn’t!”

When I reached my room, I put all the money that I got in the wallet. I cleaned my room a bit and placed my gifts in the box that Christopher gave me.

I lied down on my bed and looked at the stars through the window, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

I heard a knock on the door I pretended to sleep because maybe it was Jude or Macy or even Kade. When I heard the door open and it closed shut I opened my eyes to see a plate of macaroni and cheese with buttered toast. I ate my food, and went back to bed.

When I was deep in sleep I felt my body vibrating, my bones cracking, I felt fire all over my body then a cold breeze afterwards. The excruciating pain didn’t stop!

I couldn’t open my eyes, the pain was too hard to deal with! I was groaning and screaming and panting until it all stopped and I opened my eyes to see the five elders there and so as Christopher.

“Happy birthday!” They said in unison. I looked at my wall clock it was 12:05 in the morning.

“You look so beautiful!” Exclaimed Elder Nixon.

I walked to the mirror and saw that I was a white wolf, with gray eyes. I have never seen a white wolf before and I can’t believe that I am one! .

I thought of myself changing back and so I did and when I changed back I noticed that my clothes didn’t get torn while I shifted.

How in the world is it possible?

‘You have a lot of control that’s why.’ Kat said while smiling at me.

The Elders looked proud of me and so did Christopher. I looked at them and they were eating pizza and I saw that there were three boxes of pizza and that there were tubs of ice cream . They opened a box of pizza which revealed a meat lover’s one with sausage crust! And that there was hot sauce all over it saying ‘happy 16th Gabreelle!’ And there was a candle which was the shape of 16 . I made a wish which was … I wished for a peaceful and a successful life.

When I blew the candle they were clapping, and after that we ate all the pizza and ice cream. It was very fulfilling-

I screamed in pain as fire and breeze started to fight for dominance inside my body until I felt darkness swallow me.

After a few minutes I woke up to a bright light, “My darling.” the voice said.

I looked above me and there was a woman so beautiful you would melt at your feet at the sight of her.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I’m your mother.” She said smiling.

“What? No. My mother is Theresa Somers.”

“I’m your mother, the moon goddess. She was only used as a vessel to carry you, my child.”

“Am I dead? Why am I here?” I asked looking at the surroundings. Everything was gold and white and beautiful!

“Because I have a couple of things to tell you, my daughter.”

I sat down cross legged, “okay.” I said smiling up at her. She smiled back,

“Everything that you will face, every hardship will all be worth it in the end. My daughter, keep an open mind about everything. Always be positive and wise, and be strong. You will discover a lot about yourself and how strong you really are-“

” but I’m not strong, I’m weak I always let others step on me.”

“You’re not weak, you just have a good pure and innocent heart, my darling.” She says. “I forgot about the time, my dear. I shall let you go back . I will see you when I can. I will always be here. I love you.” She says and she kissed my forehead .

“She’s awake! Call Dr. Fisher!” Somebody yelled. I coughed and opened my eyes, I was in the hospital.

“Thank Goddess you’re awake!” Christopher said.

I looked around the room to find the Elders, Christopher and a guy that seemed to be my age. He was and is still handsome, he’s got a chiseled jaw, brown eyes that can be mistaken as green, dark caramel colored hair that was in a quaff, he has full lips. He’s got a nice body also. He looks so perfect-

But he’s not my mate I couldn’t find his smell damn addicting but I was close to being addicted to his smell. He smells of cinnamon and apples.

“What happened?” I asked them.

“You fell into some sort of pain after we ate and went into a coma.”

“What? For how long?”

“A day-“

Dang it! It’s Monday , I looked at the time. It was 2:34PM , I quickly took off the IV and ran as fast as I could to the pack house.

I changed into some boxer shorts and an oversized moss green plain round necked shirt and went to the kitchen to cook French fries and a simple chicken sandwich.

Somebody purposely coughed I turned around to see the very attractive guy. He smiled at me, “Hi.” He said.

“Hi.” I said and smiled, “I’m Br-“

“I know you’re Gabreelle.” He said smiling at me then winked. I could feel myself flush, nobody has ever winked at me. “My name is Reed Mikhail Storm.” He said .

‘He look so damn fine!!!’ My wolf yelled

I know Kat, he is. But it’s sad that he’s not my mate he seems like a nice guy.

‘ I met his wolf! He’s really nice and so damn sweet. I love his smell!’ She said.

Mikhail is a pretty cute name for a boy, so I decided to call him Mikhail. We ate some fries and chicken sandwich and we got called by Christopher.

We went to his office, “Oh! I see you’ve met! Bree can you show him around the pack house? ” Christopher said.

“Yeah sure.” I said.

“And please cook for the ceremony. Nobody in this pack can cook the way you do. You can let Reed help if you want.” He said.

Mikhail nodded while grinning, “I’ll help!” He said.

I chuckled, I think we’re going to be good friends.

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