The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 31


As we finished our heavy lunch, we rode the car home. I just remember falling asleep in the car ’cause I feel drowsy after feeling so full,

I woke up in the condo’s parking lot and Mikhail unbuckling himself. I unbuckled myself got my bag from the back and walked with him to the elevator .

I was still feeling sleepy so I couldn’t talk much.

“Are you alright?”

I nodded, “Just sleepy.” I said.

“You should rest when we get to our room.”

But then I remembered that I need to completely render the design for the café. It needs to be done by the other day. It’s sunday today, my deadline is on tuesday.

“I need to work.” I said.

“You should sleep.” he said.

“Nope, I changed my mind. I can drink coffee and do the design.” I said thinking of how I could start the design.

I need to make a floor plan first, I can use my autodesk to do that, and then I can do a sketch of the cafe’s inteior in my sketchpad and in my laptop.

This is the first project that I have, I better do my best. I don’t want to disappoint Yvonne. She trusts me so much on this renovation.

As we reached our floor, we went in the condo and I took off my shoes and went for the bedroom. I took my gray boxer workput shorts and went to the bathroom to change.

I took a quick shower and wore a black sleeveless tee and the shorts that I got in the closet. I brushed my teeth also and then went out to go to the kitchen to drink water first.

I drank a glass of water and went for the bedroom again to start working on my design.

I started out sketching the whole interior of the cafe and make floor plan for last ’cause it’s the easiest, I didn’t look at the time ’cause I was focused on sketching it out. After I finished the floor plan I went straight to doing a 3D floorplan.

I was busy finishing up the floor plan that I didn’t notice that mikhail was standing at the beside of the bed.

He was holding up a cup, “You need coffee to finish that.” he said putting down the mug on the bedside table.

Whoa, someone cared.

“Thanks, Mikhail.” I said. “I really do appreciate it.”

“Don’t mention it.” He says as he lied down on his side of the bed which was the right side.

I couldn’t help but yawn and scratch my eyelids. I took a sip from the coffee that Mikhail gave me.

“You make good coffee.” I said complimenting him.

“You make great designs.” he said.

I looked at him and he was holding up the sketch that I did for Yvonne’s café.

“I appreciate it.” I said taking more gulps of the coffee.

“You’re really talented.” He said browsing through more of the sketches I made for the café.



“What can I do to repay you?” I asked and he smiled at me and said,

“All I want is for you to be happy and enjoy what you do. that’s all, I promise.”

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