The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 35


We walked back to the condo, the baby was silently admiring Milan. He was about less than a month old, he had brown hair and green eyes, he’s such a handsome baby.

“Hey, Can you dry up his clothes?” I asked Mikhail.

He nodded, I think he’s still mad at me. I laid the baby down the bed and removed his clothing and gave it to Mikhail.

Mikhail went out the room without saying a word, I wrapped the baby in a dry towel so he wouldn’t catch a cold.

But I noticed a string was tied to his ankle and a note was rolled there, I opened it.

To whoever is reading this, he is yours. the Moon goddess blessed you a child yes you Ms. Somers. I carried him for you for 4 months, for you and Mr. Storm. Don’t even bother to look for me when you get the baby ’cause I’ll be long gone by then maybe even dead.

“You’re mine, huh?” I said to the baby and he smiled at me showing his cute dimples.

“Hmm, what should I name you?” I asked, and he was blabbering baby language. it was cute,

“Maybe we’ll think of your name later but right now we need to run you a bath.” I said carrying him to the bathroom and turning on the hot water on the bath tub. Once I was satisfied, I turned on the cold water to make it lukewarm.

I wonder what would Mikhail think of being a father?


After drying out the clothes of the baby, I went to our bedroom to see that there was a note in the bed.

I read it, I re-read it until I was sure enough that it’s all real. I have a son and it's with Gabreelle,

I went to the bathroom, “Where’s my son?”

Gabreelle looked at me in shock, “I read the note.” I said.

“I thought you were mad at me.” she said.

“I wouldn’t. I couldn’t, Gabreelle. I was just scared, I was scared that I might lost you out there.” I said.

“I’m sorry, I just had a dream. It all felt real until you shouted my name and I wanted to make sure that if it was real. I’m sorry.” She said.

“Just please don’t do it again.” I said.

She nodded, “Ready for your bath with mama?” she said to the baby.

The baby answered a yell in response while smiling, Gabreelle laughed. “Okay, Mr. Excited pants!”

I was smiling the whole time, I took a picture if the beautiful boy in front of me. Gabreelle was gentle with the baby, it’s like she knew everything like the back of her hand.

We went to the room and used a cloth for a diaper, and clothed the baby.

The baby fell asleep, he was peacefully lying down the bed and Gabreelle was just admiring the baby,

“What do you wanna name him?” she asked me.

“Let me think.”

“Do you think Gabby suits him?” She asked.

“Yeah! Gabby Michael Storm” I said smiling.

“That’s an awesome name.” She said nodding.

“You like that name?” I asked the baby and he replied by raising his eyebrows while sleeping we laughed.

“He’s such a cutie!” she said.

“Aren't you a cutie?” I asked gabby and he smiled.

Now that I look at it, the baby kind of looks like Gabreelle and I a lot, he got my eyes and nose while he got Gabreelle’s lips and not so round not so long face.

While sleeping he smiled, i couldn’t help but smile also. i looked at gabreelle she was in her underwear, i blushed,

“What are you doing?”

“What? you can walk around the house completely shirtless while i can’t change in front of you?” she asked with her back turned to me. I looked at her, she was perfect in so many ways.

“You know if you want to have it with me you could ask.” I said teasing her.

“I could ask anyone here in italy, anyone but you.” she said.


“Where are you going?”

“I need to get gabby everything that he needs.” she said.

“Wait up, me and gabby will come with you!” i said stripping down to my boxers,

“What are you doing?”

“Stripping to change.” I said flexing my back so my back muscles could show. “Like the view?”

“Nope.” she said with her arms crossed.

I walked to the closet to get pants and a shirt, I wore socks and my vans.

“Ready?” I asked her.

She nodded getting gabby from the bed, this baby is going to change our lives I know it.

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