The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 36


I was carrying gabby while we walked to the elevator,

“We need a stroller, a crib, a carrier, clothes, bottles, milk, diapers, baby wipes.” he said while typing rapidly on his phone.

“Yep.” I said aggreeing to everything that he said.

When we got to the floor where mikhail parked we walked to his car. He opened the door for me, Gabby and I went in the car carefully so I wouldn't wake him up.

His chubby cheeks are so cute that I wanted to pinch them so hard! It looks so fluffy and soft!

“Gabreelle.” Mikhail said and I heard a shutter go off. He took a damn picture without me looking. I glared at him, he gulped. Huh, that’s what I thought.

Mikhail started the car and drove to the mall. We immediately went to the baby section of the department store as we got to the mall, I saw a powder blue colored stroller,

“Hi.” I told the sales lady. She looked at Mikhail, our baby and to me she eyes me from head to toe.

“Do you have a stock of that stroller?” I said pointing to the stroller that I wanted.

“Yeah, we have.” She said as she chewed gum. She lowered her shirt showing her cleavage.

I turned around and gave a disgusted look, I coughed and turned back around.

“We’ll get it.” I said. “Right, love?” I said to mikhail.

He nodded “C’mon, babe. We need to get diapers before Gabby drops a bomb.” He gave me a loving smile that had me feeling things that I shouldn’t feel- like the butterflies that erupted from my stomach that had me almost believing that he loved me.

The sales lady kept bending over. Desperate people deserve a punch in the boob- Yes, a punch in the boob.

“Miss if you don’t mind, we’re kind of in a hurry.” Mikhail said, I saw Gabby awake.

“Hi, baby.” I said smiling at my baby boy and kissed his forehead.

“Here you go.” The Sales lady rudely told me while she gave the stroller.

“Call me.” She said to Mikhail while brushing her hands on mikhail.

I don’t know what got into me but I slapped her hands off Mikhail, “Hands off my husband. Have you got no respect for yourself? We got a baby right here and you’re showing off your non existent ass and boobs to what’s mine.” I said through clenched teeth.

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