The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 37


I was totally not into the Sales lady, her make up is overdone, she likes to show off her body for attention and probably sex.

I was uncomfortable when she brushed her hands on my arm, but then I was caught off guard when Gabreelle slapped her hand and was on the verge of turning from anger.

I have never seen her like this before, “Love.” I said.

She turned to me and she started to calm down. We turned our backs from the stroller section.

If that bitch try to lay a finger on Gabreelle-I swear to the Moon goddess that shit is about to go down.

Everywhere that we go all the ladies tried to flirt with me, and instead of fuming Gabreelle more. I decided to walk Gabby around the department store. I saw baby toys so I decided to get a sales guy to help me with the basket, I bought a teether,a pacifier and bath toys,

My phone rang, I answered. “Hello?”

“Hey, Where are you guys? I’m done, We only need the diapers and the baby formula.” Gabreelle said through the phone.

“We’re in the toy section.” I said.

“I’m on my way.”she said and ended the call.

She appeared seconds after the call, “If you’re tired you can put Gabby in the stroller.” She said.

“No need, I like holding him.” I said smiling at my son.

“Let’s buy the diapers and the baby formula.” She said.

After buying everything that Gabby needed, we went home. I drove home and I would glance at Gabby and Gabreelle they were both asleep. I smiled, when there was traffic I took a picture of them and posted it on facebook with the caption ‘I never knew that during traffic I would be happy as I am now.’

I couldn’t help it, I’m happy!

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