The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 38


“Have you booked a flight yet?” Jackson asked me.

“What? I thought that you booked me a flight as well!” I exclaimed.

“You didn’t!”

I grunted and opened my PC to book a flight to Paris for tomorrow. I opened my Facebook to just catch up with my old pals, but what welcomed me to Facebook was a post by Reed.

Is that Bree? She gave birth?! but how?! is that my son’s?! or is it his?

It couldn’t be.

“She didn’t look pregnant when she was here.” I mumbled.

“Who was pregnant?” Nixon asked.

“Oh nothing.”

“Bree was pregnant?!” He exclaimed right at my ear ’cause he was taking a peek at the monitor.

“She should have a good explanation for this.” Lynus said while taking out his phone to dial Bree’s number.

Her number isn’t available anymore, fuck!

“Dial Reed’s number.” I said.

Shit! Kade shouldn’t open his Facebook account so he couldn’t see that she’s with reed.

I ran to his room, but I was too late. He was packing his things.

“I can’t afford to lose her, dad.” He said.

“You can’t go.”

“No, dad. I can’t. Just let me go! I need my mate.”

“She’s not your mate anymore!”

“How can you say that dad?! You should encourage me to go to her you should support me I’m your son!”

“Because she found her second chance mate.” I said.

“What?” He said blinking a few times.

“You heard me.” I said

“You’re lying! You’re trying to keep me away from her!” he shouted.

“Did you even know that she has a pup?” I asked.

“You’re fucking lying!” He shouted at me once more.

I opened my Facebook app on my phone and saved the picture, so Reed’s identity would be safe.

I gave him my phone.

He looked at the phone, he let the phone fall on his bed, he sat down. he shook his head. “No, This is just a dream. This is just a dream.” He kept chanting.

I wanted so badly to let him go to Milan, but I couldn’t risk his life and also Bree and Reed’s life.

Macy thought that Kade was the Matthews that inherited elemental powers, of course that’s what anyone else would think.

And I can’t take the risk that if I let my son go to Italy they would get back together, he might go there to get Bree back but he might also go there to break his heart even more. This is why people should wait for the right person, because in the end things might not go the way you wanted it to be.

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