The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 39


I woke up because I felt hot. Oh, it’s ’cause Mikhail turned off the car’s engine. We’re here back home,

I looked at Gabby! He was sweating like it was summer! “Good morning Gabby, my love!” I said in my baby voice, he smiled.

I laughed, “You’re too cute!”

I felt Mikhail staring at me, I looked at him to catch him looking at me smiling in awe.

“Let’s go so gabby wouldn’t sweat.” He said getting out of the car.

“Let’s wait for daddy to open our door.” I said to gabby,

Mikhail opened the door for us, he got Gabby so I could go out without a sweat.

I opened the trunk of the car to get some of Gabby’s stuff, like his bottles, diapers and baby formula.

“I’ll get Gabby’s stuff later. C’mon Il mio amore.” he said.


He smirked, “Mama doesn’t know Italian. Daddy will teach you!” He said to gabby.

Gabby replied with a long ‘Mmm’ sound.

We laughed again, this baby brought joy to my life that I couldn’t even imagine I would feel.

We ride the elevator and went up to our condo, “You finally have diapers! Yay!” I shouted as Mikhail handed gabby to me. Mikhail laughed.

“We finally get to change!” I said as we walked to the bedroom, i lied him down and changed took off his now full make shift diaper made of cloth.

I cleaned him up and put newborn diapers on him.

“Are you happy?” I asked him. “Because I am so happy.”

“I’m pretty sure you won’t answer.’ I said laughing at myself, ” I’m also sure that you’re hungry! Wait here okay? I’ll get you your milk.” I said,

I went to get his stroller and put it in our room, I got a pitcher full of water. I mixed the baby formula and shook it until there was no more powder on the bottom of the bottle.

Then Gabby cried, "You’re so impatient, little one.” I said then lied down on the bed with him while holding the bottle for him.


I was in the parking lot getting Gabby’s other stuff when my phone vibrated from my pocket, I looked at it and it was Christopher I answered it,

“Christopher.” I said.

“Reed.” he said, “How are you two doing?”

“We’re good, we have an addition to the club.” I said referring to gabby.

“The baby that you posted?” He replied. Oh yeah we’re friends in Facebook how could he not see it?

“Yeah his name is Gabby, Gabreelle rescued him. ” I said.

“Oh so you didn’t get her pregnant?”

“With all due respect, Christopher. From Alpha to Alpha, I wouldn’t impregnate a wolf that’s not my mate.”

“So, you’re not her second chance mate.” He asked.

“Christopher, such things don’t exist.” I said.

I know that there were myths that second chance mates exist. but I don’t believe in them, why would the Moon goddess bless you with a second chance mate when she already gave you one?

‘Yes they do.’ Austin said.

“It does exist I have seen it happen so many times.” Christopher said.

I became silent, is Gabreelle really my second chance mate?

“Have you touched Bree? Did you feel sparks?”

Now that he’s mentioned it, we haven’t had physical contact.

“I haven’t touched her yet.” I replied .

“What’s the real reason why you called?”

“Well, we’re going to visit! me and the elders are coming to visit. Our flight’s tomorrow afternoon “

“Is Kade coming?”


“Good, ’cause Gabreelle doesn’t want to see him.”

“Was it Bree who said that she didn't want to see him or you?”

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