The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 41


I was washing gabby’s bottles when I heard knocking on the door, I opened it to see three boys and a girl.

“Where is Alpha Reed?” The girl said.

Alpha Reed? “Reed? Oh, you meant Mikhail. He's in the room.”

“You call him Mikhail? He lets you call him Mikhail?” She asked shocked. The three guys rolled their eyes and pushed the girl back.

“Excuse that girl over there.” The guy said.

“It’s okay” I said.

“Can we get one strand of your hair?” The second guy said.

What? it’s the first time we met and the first thing the second guy says is can we get one strand of your hair?

“For what?” I asked. ” I don’t believe in voodoo’s.” I said.

“For the DNA testing.” the third guy said.

DNA testing?

I heard the door of our room closed, I looked back to see Mikhail. When he saw me he looked like he saw a ghost, “What DNA testing are they talking about?” I asked him.

He scratched the back of his head, "Well, you know we got to be sure about Gabby. ”

“C’mon Gabreelle. Please understand the situation, I need to protect you! ” He said.

“Fine. Do what you want.” I said pulling a strand of my hair from my head and gave it to them.

Mikhail gave them a strand of Gabby’s hair and he pulled a strand of his hair and gave it to them.

“Gabreelle, this is Sean, Tom, Nick and Celine.” Mikhail said.

“Pleasure meeting you, Gabreelle” Sean said.

I shook his hand, “Hi. Please, Call me Bree.” I said smiling at him.

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