The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 42


I glanced at Celine, the bitch that had the nerve to brush Mikhail’s arm. Maybe she’s his ex? I don’t really know but all I know is that I don’t like her touching him.

She was staring at Mikhail, Of course she was! Well, who wouldn’t? He’s gorgeous as fu-

‘See, I told you you’d like him’ kat said

No! I don’t like him. I’m just not comfortable with girls flirting with him.

‘You’re jealous. Just admit it,’ she said in a sing song voice.

No I’m not jealous I don’t like him.

‘Yeah keep saying yourself that. It’s very convincing.’ Kat said sarcastically.


‘If I’m a bitch, then you’re a bitch too!’


“Give me the results by Tuesday.” I said to them.

The four of them nodded, Celine was looking at me like she was waiting for something.

“You can go now.” I said to them.

“Who is she?” Celine mindlinked me.

I ignored her.

“Why did you replace me so easily?”

I rolled my eyes, “We were never anything, Celine.” I mindlinked her back.

“No! I love you! Why are you even letting a slut call you Mikhail! If she can call you that, I can call you that too!” she insisted.

“She’s your Luna! Show some respect! She can call me anything she likes as long as she’s the one who does it. Not you or anybody else!” I growled at her in the mindlink.

“Go now. If you ever send the results let Sean do it alone. Don’t bring anybody else.” I said glaring at Celine.

“Will do, Alpha.” Shawn said. “Let’s go.” he said to the three and looked at Gabreelle. “Nice meeting you, Bree.” he said smiling at her, turned his back on us and waved.

I closed the door, “So, Alpha?”

I looked at Gabreelle and she had her arms crossed and was looking at me.

“Well, I’m an alpha.” I said.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked. “Is that why you never said anything about looking for a pack here because you have one.” she said.

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out, “When will you tell me? When everything’s too late?”

I shook my head “No.”

“What else are you hiding from me, Mikhail.” she said.

I took a deep breath, “I’m your guardian.”

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