The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 44


I was in a pub in the middle of the city, I was drinking Tequila. I was always looking at the digital clock that was on top of the pub’s counter- It was 7pm, I wonder if Gabreelle is looking for me. Well, she probably isn’t she couldn’t even talk to me. my heart hurt at the thought of her ignoring me and making me feel invisible, I couldn’t take it anymore I had to get out of the condo. I stayed for a good two hours and drank more tequila,


I looked up to see Celine, “What are you doing here?”

“I followed your scent here.” she said as she takes her seat across me.

“Can’t you take a hint? I don’t want you. Never have and never will.” I said as I took a gulp of tequila.

“Reed, can’t you take a hint that I love you?”

“I really don’t care. You’re not my mate.” I said.

“Can’t you give ‘us’ a shot?”

“No.” I said.


“You’re not her.” I slurred.

“That Bree? You’re not even sure if that pup is yours! She’s a slut!”

I scoffed, “You don’t fucking know anything. Go now, you’re not making things better.”

She held my neck and almost kissed me. How did I stop her? I threw the remaining Tequila on her. As I turned to my right I saw Gabreelle looking at me with hurt in her eyes, I didn’t take my eyes off her and she didn’t either

But Celine had to block my view and as I moved her out of the way Gabreelle was out of sight, I went out and smelled the area but her scent’s not here.

I went back in the pub and left the money on the table and ran back home to the cond. As I got back, I gargled water and spit it on the sink, I went in the room- our room…

“You reek of alcohol.” she said.



“You talked.” I said as I removed my leather jacket and hang it on the rack,

“Where were you?”

“At the pub.” I said as I remove my shirt.

She went silent after that, “Why? Did you miss me?”

I could hear her scoff, I smiled in the dark. “You were out right? You saw me in the pub?”

“No, I was here the whole time. ” she said with curiosity in her voice. “Why?”

“Guess you weren’t the one who saw Celine trying to kiss me?”

She almost choked, “The bitch?” she blurted and I laughed causing Gabby to wake up and cry.

She turned on the night lamp on the bedside table, she gave me deathly glare she threw her shoe at me straight up in the face.

“You woke him up you need to tuck him in. it’s so hard to get him to sleep.” she said and she made a face that showed disgust. “And please brush your teeth. I don’t want you to talk to my son with that breath of yours.”

“It’s our son.”

“No it’s not.” she said

“What do you mean?”

“I’m sure that he’s mine but you had to get a test.”

“That’s why you’re mad at me?”

“No! “

“Then what is it?”

“It’s that I don’t know you.”

“What? We’ve been together in the pack for quite sometime.”

“That quite sometime was a week. You aren’t even fully telling me everything about you! You’re an Alpha, and you’re my Guardian! What would you do if you felt like you really know me but then suddenly someone knocked on the door and tells you like ‘Oh, Hey I’m an Alpha, I can order wolves around to test if it’s really my son and Oh I’m your Guardian, no big deal right?’.”

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