The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 46


It left my mouth like it’s new to me to say sorry, I haven't apologized to any other person other than my family. I did not have any friends back then, I was used to ordering people around ’cause I was the Alpha’s son- now the Alpha.

I couldn’t handle friendly relationships since every time I tried to make friends they would talk behind my back and I couldn’t handle the stress that comes with that kind of friendship- mainly because at the palm of my hand, 800 people depend on my every move and decision.

It wasn’t easy for me to leave the pack without my guidance and to go to another pack to guard the Moon goddess’ daughter, and frankly at first I didn’t want to. I wanted to reject the duty that the moon goddess has bestowed upon me, I tried to remove the mark with laser surgery that was on my finger- the mark of a guardian. The mark was on my index finger and it had an Aztec design.

I guess I haven’t been forgiven, because I have not heard a response from her yet. I walked across the side of her bed and saw that she had her eyes shut,her lips parted and her breathing is even. she was sleeping, I looked at Gabby also and he too was sleeping.

I put him in the crib that we bought earlier, I kissed his forehead and lied down the bed. I put the covers over my body and turned off the lights so I could try to put myself to sleep.

But even with the lights closed and silent surroundings I could feel myself restless and with no peace of mind.

As I closed my eyes shut but couldn’t bring myself to sleep I could hear faint footsteps out in the living room.

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