The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 47


I got up from the bed in lightning speed I walked near our door so if the trespasser came in our room I’d be the first to jump on him. I patiently waited until I hear the footsteps beginning to be louder it means that he/she is near, I could feel my wolf taking over my human body without turning.

The knob slightly twisted in the most quiet way possible and if I wasn’t a wolf and sleeping I wouldn’t have heard it. I saw gabreelle look at me and i looked at her and shook my head to signal her to act like she’s sleeping, she quickly but quietly did as I signalled her to.

The door was slowly opening and I couldn’t wait ’til I get my hands on the motherfucker that broke into my condo. But I have to know what it is that he/she came here for.

The door opened and looking at the body of the trespasser it was a bulky guy he smelled human I hid myself behind the door as much as I could so he wouldn’t see me.

He looked at Gabreelle and Gabby, he walked towards Gabby’s crib while pulling an object from his pocket and as he pulled it out it was a pocket knife. Now that I know what he came here for I could attack him.

I jumped on him, letting him fall flat on the floor with me on his back. he let go of the pocket knife due to him being surprised, he wanted to pick the knife but I couldn’t risk the chance of him trying to hurt my son.

I elbowed him on the back and banged his head on the marble floor. He rolled on his back and I stood up and kicked him as hard as I could he tried to fight back but I was definitely stronger.

“What do you want! Why did you want to kill my son!” I yelled at him while punching him, he would kick and punch at some points but I definitely gave him more than he could handle because before I knew it he grabbed the pocket knife and plunged it straight into his heart.

As I opened the lights Gabby and Gabreelle wasn’t in the room, I searched the whole condo but they weren't anywhere.

"Fuck." I cussed.Where did they go! Have they been taken?

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