The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 49


I looked at the body that lied on the bedroom floor he’s dead he’s not breathing anymore, I mindlinked Sean and Tom to take the human body to the laboratory in the pack house and do research on it. It was a very suspicious move, I want to know who he works for. It might have been someone with power because he didn’t want to fail this mission and go back to their base alive. He wanted to kill himself before his boss did.

Why do they want to kill our son? Is it because of me? or is it because of Gabreelle? Are we the only ones who knows who Gabreelle really is? or are others are in search of the daughter of the Moon goddess? So many questions are entering my mind and I can’t help it!

I couldn’t sleep knowing that Gabby and Gabreelle are not here with me, even my wolf is restless. I called Gabreelle’s phone but when it rang it was on the bedside table. Shit! Now, how can I contact her?

I couldn’t just mindlink her, she wasn’t officially part of my pack. I was so stupid for prolonging the ceremony and I should just have told her the truth and maybe we could have avoided this incident if that happened.

I called my second in command Theo to clean the three bedroom condo that I bought recently, I don’t want to put too much furniture ’cause I want Gabreelle to design it.

I don’t have any much thought on where she might have gone to because I don’t know if she might have brought some cash or something. I called some of my pack members so that they could help me find Gabreelle, there’s no use on using some of her clothes for her scent because she is really good in masking it. I was walking down the streets with my pack members all of them are looking for gabby and gabreelle. I just showed them Gabreelle’s pictures and Gabby’s pictures so they would know.

It had been hours since we started searching for them and I could sense that my pack members are tired but they are determined to find Gabreelle and Gabby and I couldn’t be happier that I have been blessed with these kind of pack members.

“I’ll continue searching, you guys should sleep and gets lots of energy because we are going to train tomorrow at 10am and if by that time I haven’t seen Gabreelle and Gabby I have to count on the search parties in our pack and tell the Elders.” I said.

“But Reed, we want to find Bree and Gabby now.” Theo said.

“Me too, Theo. But you have to do as I say. You’re going to need a lot of energy tomorrow, sleep guys you all need it. I need to have a report by tomorrow about the human body.” I said.

“Yes, Alpha.” All of the bowed their head in respect. All of them bid me their Good byes and Good nights.

I continued searching going through every store that was open and was asking them if they saw Gabby and Gabreelle. My throat was sore and was in need of dehydration so I entered a convenience store and concentrated and sniffed. I smelled a familiar faint vanilla and lavender scent- it was faint but it was prominent and I am certain that it’s Gabreelle’s as I paid for the bottle of water I asked the clerk, “Hi, my wife and my son got lost and I was hoping if you saw them.” I showed him the picture.

“Yeah, they asked for the nearest hotel. I recommended the Fairmonte.” he said smiling.

“Thank you!” I said. Finally a fucking miracle!

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