The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 51

It was 5am and I had to go to our pack house to see how the training is going. Since Gabby is asleep and also Gabreelle I decided to write a note that said:

Good morning! I’ll be gone for a few hours the pack needs to train and i need to be there. see you before lunch.

As I finished it i put it near Gabby’s crib and I grabbed my phone, keys and wallet and got going. As I reached our pack house I saw that they were already having breakfast and I ate with them and trained.

After a few hours, I received a call and it was from the elders, “Hello?”

“We’re already here, Reed. Where will we meet you? We’re excited to see you and Bree!” Shouted Elder Lynus.

Elder Lynus may look tough on the outside and to others but when it comes to Bree, he’d be a softie. He’s like a father to her.

“We’re staying at a hotel right now.” I answered.

“What? Why? I thought you had a condo here?” He asked.

“I’ll tell you everything when we see each other Elder Lynus. I’ll text you the details of our whereabouts.” I said.

“Okay.” He said and hung up.

I took a shower and change into fresh clothes that I always bring in my car and then I walked to my car and drove back to the hotel.

I don’t know how I will break it to them that there was someone who broke into our condo and wanted to get our baby.

Speaking of our baby, I wonder what Gabby’s doing? Is he already awake? Or is he still sleeping? Does he even know that I’m not home? These random questions that pop up in my head makes me miss my baby boy so much.

As I looked at my phone’s lock screen it was a picture of Gabreelle laughing at Gabby because Gabby just made the cutest face while sneezing.

She just looks so beautiful.

After what feels like a long time, I have finally reached the hotel and came to see that the elders are already there.

They all stood up as they saw me, “My god, Reed! We’ve been waiting for like an hour here waiting for you.” Alpha Christopher said.

I raised a brow, I wonder why they didn’t just ask the receptionist at the front desk to call Gabreelle. “You didn’t ask the receptionist for Gabreelle Somers?” I asked.

They all looked at each other and looked shameful for a second and scratched either the back of their necks or head.

“Well, we haven’t thought of that really.” Elder Jackson said.

“It skipped our minds, ya know? Jet lag and everything.” Elder Lynus said.

I chuckled, “I’ll lead the way.” I said.

We went to our room and when I knocked on the door it took awhile before she opened it, ” It’s me, Gabreelle.” I said.

When she opened the door her eyes almost popped out of her sockets in shock to see Alpha Christopher and the Elders here. She hugged each of them and they hugged her back and kissed the top of her head, it was really a touching moment.

After welcoming them to our room, “How’s everything?” Elder Nixon asked.

“Well…” I started but I don’t know how to start it off.

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