The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 52


I can sense how tense Mikhail was so I had to interrupt him when he started to speak, "We have Gabby!” I said enthusiastically. “Alpha Christopher, Elders this is our son Gabby.” I said.

“How did you meet him?” Alpha Christopher asked and elder nixon wanted to carry him so I let him carry Gabby.

“I was taking a nap when I had this dream… It’s weird 'cause I can feel everything. I was running and running until I saw the bridge and jumped into the river and swam until I saw a baby’s hand and saved him but when I swam up he wasn’t breathing and then I jolted awake at Mikhail screaming my name and I heard a faint cry of the baby and I had this inkling that maybe there was a baby in the river so I ran and rescued it-

And in his ankle I saw a letter that he was ours… We even had Mikhail’s pack mates to do some DNA testing and it matched ours.” I said and looked at Mikhail and saw that he was in awe of me helping him out ’cause we don’t know if the Elders and Alpha Christopher would be fine if they knew about somebody breaking in Mikhail’s condo.

“What happened to your condo, Mikhail? I thought you had a condo here in Milan?”

“We sold it.” He said, “Bought another one so we temporarily checked in here.” He said smiling a bit.

He sounds convincing, “How’s the pack?” I asked Alpha Christopher.

“Struggling to cook and clean the house.” He said shaking his head as if to show that he is disappointed.

“You’re not going to ask about you know who?” Elder Lynus asked and he got punched in the arm by the other elders for that question. “Ouch!”

“Who? Kade?” Asked Elder Michael and he got slapped in the head too. “Ow! Hey!”

“It’s fine.” I said.

“Macy was a witch. She casted a spell on Kade to make his feelings for you the opposite of how he really feels. He wants to go here and strengthen your bond again.

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