The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 53


This was the day that I was dreading that would happen… She looked so shocked and I don’t know if today was the last day that i was going to be with her I felt like my heart is being torn to pieces- shit. I like her.

She can’t know! This might even be unacceptable because I’m her guardian I’m not supposed to fall in love with her!

I can’t lose focus now- just when people can sneak up on us and know our whereabouts. I can think about these feelings later but right now I should be a guardian to her.

“How is he?” She asked.

She’s still concerned, I can feel my heart being torn to pieces and my wolf growling of jealousy.

“He is fine. I guess.” Alpha Christopher said.

“You guess?” She asked.

“Well, he wanted to come here to find you.” Alpha Christopher said.

“When he first woke up he was searching for you, he doesn’t remember anything when he woke up after the field incident.” Elder Lynus said.

“And then Christopher had to use compulsion on him so he could calm down and he kept on insisting that he will go to Italy to find you so your bond won’t slowly fade.” Elder nixon said.

I looked at Gabreelle and I couldn’t make out what her expression is.

“What happened to the bitch? I can’t remember her name.” I said.

“Macy.” Gabreelle said.

“Christopher killed her, she wanted to get impregnated by kade cause she thought that kade was the chosen wolf.” Elder Jackson said.

“The chosen wolf?” Gabreelle and I said at the same time.

“It’s the wolf that has elemental powers.”

“She wanted to get pregnant so she could give birth to a hybrid?” Gabreelle asked.

The Elders and Alpha Christopher nodded their heads. It’s really fucked up how somebody would go to such extent just so they could gain power of something.

And then somebody’s phone rang and Elder Nixon pulled out his phone and answered it, “Hello?” He said casually then his eyes went wide and yelled “What!”

“We’re going as soon as we can.” He said and pressed the red button to end the call.

“Someone killed the medical team and put their heads on top of a sphere and the worst of all.”

“What?!” We all yelled in unison,

“Macy’s remains are nowhere to be found.”

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