The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 55


I woke up from my sleep and saw that in front of me was Gabreelle sleeping and then I heard a giggle. I looked around to see that the Elders and Alpha Christopher was playing with gabby.

I smiled to myself and as I looked back at gabreelle she was glaring at me with intense eyes. My wolf whimpered a bit and said ‘it’s all your fault.’ I gulped. I already know it already, Austin. ’cause if you haven’t even noticed I’m the one who she’s glaring at.

I looked everywhere except to where Gabreelle was. I looked at the window as the pilot says that we were landing, as soon as we got down from the airplane we rushed to get a cab driver to drive us back to that godforsaken pack.

I hate that I have to endure every second of Gabreelle glaring the death out of me but I also have to endure that she is going to be reunited with that stupid Kade.

I hate that guy with every single fiber of my body, at a young age every wolf is taught to wait for their mates or you’ll suffer the consequences and look at that guy being a dipshit and being stupid enough to find a sex buddy that’s a witch.

If he was really an Alpha material he wouldn’t be manipulated by that bitch ass witch. now look at how that simple lesson of waiting for your mate got him, now he has that witch on his tail - no pun intended.

We reached the pack house to see blood all over the place, the elders and I shared a look and we ran towards the door and opened it to see Lycans fighting off the pack members.

“Where is she?!” A Lycan growled with gritted teeth.

“We told you she’s not here! She ran away!” A pack member said.

Is he looking for Gabreelle? I growled and he faced me “Where is Bree Somers!”

“Why?” She said while she is in the doorframe and walking her way beside me.

He sniffed the air and walked closer, I pulled Gabreelle’s hand and put her behind me.

No sparks.

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