The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 57


I looked at kade intently and saw that the right side of his face is kind of a combination of gray and green, and his veins is very evident. What happened to him?

“Kade.” I said.

He walked towards me but then the Lycan pushed Kade,and Mikhail grabbed my waist and had me behind him and the elders.

“Bree is mine.” Growled kade.

“Fuck off. She’s my mate now.” The Lycan while both of them transformed to wolves and fighting like their lives depend on it.

It’s honestly really stressful and exhausting to see these two fighting, i have had enough of drama ever since Kade rejected me. Can these two cut me some slack?!

I can feel the stress build up inside of me and-

“Real mature.” Mikhail said while rolling his eyes. Both of them looked at Mikhail’s face and transformed back to their human forms and dropped their eyes to his hands that were on my waist and I heard the both of them growl.

“Now, who the fuck are you.” Growled the Lycan.

“I’m her Guardian you son’s of bitches.” Mikhail said. “The problem here is not the both of you having this immature jealous fit, but what’s important is that we keep Gabreelle safe.” He said.

“Somebody is after, Gabreelle. Now, we went here to provide her safety and both of you are just wasting time bickering around. If you want to spend your time wisely why not search the perimeter and do productive things.” Alpha Christopher said. “Alpha Alex, you are welcome to stay.”

Who the f- ohh the Lycan? His name is Alec?

“Thank you, Alpha Christopher.” Alex said and looked at me.

I heard Mikhail’s phone vibrate through the pockets of his jeans. He looked at the screen and walked out and answered it while he carried Gabby from Elder Michael.

“Alpha, what happened to Kade?” I asked Alpha Christopher.

“We don’t know.” Alpha Christopher said.

“Bree.” I looked at my past mate.

“I don’t know what I did. I’m sorry.” He said trying to get close to me.

“What’s done is done.” I said.

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