The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 6


I went to my dad’s office and sat down on the chair in front of his desk, “What?” I asked him.

“Kade, I’m stepping down as alpha in a few weeks. Have you found your mate yet?” He asked.

Yes “No.”

“That’s odd.” He looked at me suspiciously. ”You can’t be alpha if you don’t have a mate yet.” He added.

“Can’t I have the title without a Luna?” I asked him.

“You can, but I won’t let you. Your wolf is supposedly stronger and better with your mate by your side.” He said. “And besides, having a mate makes all the stress go away just by looking at her eyes.”

I rolled my eyes, “Is that all?”

“The Elders are coming to visit-” he started but was cut off by a knock on the door. “Come on in, Bree!”

I tensed up, she opened the door and went inside the office. She was wearing a loose black shirt and denim jeans.

“Please sit down besides, Kade.” Dad said while smiling at her.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Bree said.

"I insist." My Dad said. "Kade doesn't bite."

Bree scoffed and mumbled as she sat down beside me, " Guess he hasn't seen Macy's marks."

"I didn't quite catch that, Bree." My Dad said.

I bumped her knee harshly, " It's nothing, Alpha."

“You two look cute together.” My dad said smirking.

I scoffed at the same time she scoffed. We looked at each other and that was the start of our stare down, then I suddenly know now what my wolf was talking about.

Her eyes were staring at mine as if they were looking into my soul and don’t get me started on her lips… I want to kiss her so badly-

My dad coughed and I smirked as I saw her blushing and looked at dad, ”As I was saying, the Elders are coming to visit. I want to put you two in charge of cooking while Jude and Macy clean the pack house . I’ll call them up as soon as you two go down to the kitchen.”

“I think Reed Mikhail would be the perfect partner for this." Bree said. I clenched my fists as soon as I heard his name.

"Are you saying that I'm not capable of cooking?" I asked Bree.

"I'm saying that Mikhail and I get along very well." She said.

"Any specific requests, Dad?" I asked him.

“Cheeseburger! And fries!” My dad said. “We love your burger and fries, Bree. Hope you can pass on to Kade the recipe before you go.” He smiled.

Before she goes? Where the hell is she going?

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