The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 60


I was sleeping while my phone vibrated I peeked a look at it with one eye and saw that it was Shawn. I picked it up, “Sean.”

“Good morning, Bro. I’m sorry to wake you.”

“It’s fine. What is it?” I said as I looked at Gabby who was sleeping soundly beside me and beside him was Gabreelle who was also asleep.

“Gabby’s results were positive. He’s both yours.” He said and I can feel myself pumped up and happy.

“That’s great news!” I whisper yelled.

“Yeah and that’s not all, Bro.” He said.


“We know who that hybrid’s from.”

“Tell me everything you know.” I said and he said every information that he had on the hybrid.

After the phone call I couldn’t let myself fall asleep so I just lied down the mattress and looked at Gabby and Gabreelle.

While I carress Gabby’s little head, He flashed me with his gummy smile while sleeping and I couldn’t help but grin. This little ball of sunshine just came into our lives and made everything feel better than it is. I looked at Gabreelle and instantly my heart sped up, it kind of sucks that I’m not her mate. I was expecting that we might have been… But I guess it’s just all in my mind.

I couldn’t stop myself from falling for her. It was hard not to, she’s just overall amazing.

A few hours have passed and I can see the sunlight peeking through the window and watched as the rays reached the bottom of the mattress.

Gabreelle’s room consisted of a wooden cabinet, a wooden study table with drawers and a vanity mirror, and also a mattress. Yes you heard it right she doesn’t have a bed she only has a mattress. She’s been mistreated for so long and little did they know that she was the Moon goddess’ daughter.

I stood up and walked out of the room careful not to wake the two of them up, as i walked out of the room and down the stairs I saw Kade and that Lycan.

“Is she awake yet?” Asked the Lycan.

“No.” I said. As I continued to walk towards the other set of stairs and the two of them followed me.

“What?” I said as I stopped at the bottom of the staircase

“I wanted to know what she thought of me.” Alex said.

I scoffed, this Lycan would go on a rampage if I told him what Gabreelle really feels. “I don’t know.” I said casually and walked to the kitchen and as I walked they followed me again.

“You should know. You two have that bond thing!” Alex said. What bond thing?

I looked at him with a straight face trying to act cool I don’t want to give away that I don’t know what he’s talking about.

“I want her to have her privacy. If she wants to open up to me then she will. I don’t want to invade what’s in her mind.” I said as I boil water in a kettle and searched for green tea so I can be energized for training.

“So, Kade. What’s up with you following me?” I asked him as I opened a packet.

“I just wanted to check if she’s fine.” He said.

"Then why don't you follow her instead?" I asked. “ By the way, she’s fine.” I said.

Now that I thought of it I wonder where Gabreelle’s brother is. Where’s Jude?

“Where’s Jude?” I asked Kade.

Kade was about to answer but he sniffed the air and growled. On instinct, I ran to Gabreelle’s room first to see if she’s still there and she was and she was still sleeping.

Elder Lynus mindlinked me that we need to go and evacuate the pack grounds because the pack is under attack.

Gabreelle was quickly on her feet and she carried Gabby and I went to our things.

There’s a jeep in the east side of the forest. Use it and bring bree to safety. Mindlinked by Elder Nixon.

“Let’s go, Gabreelle!” I yelled at her.

I opened the window for her as we heard the door getting kicked. She quickly jumped out and I did too, “In the forest.” I said to her.

She gave me a nod and ran so fast into the forest. “Gabreelle! East!” I shouted.

When I ran, I was halted when someone threw me to a nearby tree. I saw a hybrid that was smirking, I tried to use compulsion on him but it wouldn’t work. So, I charged at him and punched him and fought him. But to my surprise, there were four more hybrids that clawed at me and were fighting me.

I fought them with everything that I can but there were more hybrids that were coming at me, I think there were 11 hybrids that were charging at me at the same time.

It was extremely hard to not let my guard down and I was trying to give them a beating but it turns out that they were the one who gave me a beating. As I tried to fight back they clawed me with silver on the right side of my torso and I was bleeding and aching. But to my surprise somebody threw 8 hybrids out of my way, and I saw Kade and Alex.

I stood up and fought the remaining 3 that was kicking me. I broke their necks in no time, “Come on.” I said to the two and ran to the jeep where I can see four ganging up on Gabreelle and Gabby.

I growled and wanted to change to my wolf but I was still healing pretty slow due to the silver claws that scratched my torso. I charged at them with Kade and Alex who turned into their wolves and fought the four of them.

Gabreelle started the jeep, “Go in!” Alex and Kade got in but I wasn’t finished with this hybrid that wanted to attack my family. I broke his neck and I was suddenly pulled in and saw that Gabreelle pulled me into the backseat with her and Alex drove the jeep out of the woods.

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