The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 61


We escaped the woods and was really speeding off until we saw that there was no one who was following us. It had been an hour of driving when we reached the highway I breathed out a sigh of relief. Suddenly realization hit me because we don’t know where we should be headed.

“Where are we going?” I asked Alex.

“To my pack.” Alex said. “The Elders told me to bring us all to my pack where you will all be safe.”

Kade scoffed and says “Says the man who was beating the shit out of everyone when you came to our pack.”

Alex rolled his eyes at Kade. “Shut your mouth, it always makes everything worse. Didn’t get Bree with it, eh?”

Kade growled at Alex, and I rolled my eyes and looked at Mikhail who was suspiciously quiet. He was smirking at the two who was bickering and saw that his veins and muscles on his arms were slightly showing and saw that his hand was putting pressure on the bloody right side of his torso.

“What happened!” I said to him.

“I’m fine.” He said. “Don’t mind me, Gabreelle I’m fine.”

“Kade, can you hold Gabby?” I asked Kade and he nodded and got gabby who was still sleeping. I swear that baby is always sleeping and if he’s not sleeping he’s always eating.

“I said I’m fine.” He said sternly.

“Take off your shirt.” I said to him.


“Take off your shirt, Goddamit!” I yelled and he obliged.

“Okay okay, geez woman.” He said as he balled his shirt on his hand. “I’m healing, Gabreelle.” He said as he showed his claw marks that were pretty deep.

“What happened?” I asked him as I got my first aid kit from my bag.

“The hybrid got his hands with artificial claws that were silver and clawed me with it. It’s no big deal.” He said and I looked at him with sternly and put pressure on his wound with the cotton pad with betadine and cleaned his wound while he took deep breaths.

“You call that not a big deal?” I said.

He scoffed, “It’s nothing.”

I opened the bottle of Agua oxigenada and looked at him sternly again and I put Agua oxigenada on his wounds. He clenched his teeth and had his fists in a ball.

“It’s nothing.” I mocked him with a deep voice and Alex and Kade was trying to hold in their laughs.

“Pull over.” I said to Alex.

“What?!” Alex exclaimed.

“Pull over, Alex. Don’t push me to my lim-“

“Just pull over, Alex.” Mikhail said. “Or else it won’t be pretty.” He added.

Alex pulled over at a gasoline station. All of us went out of the Jeep and,

“What now?” Asked Alex.

“I can see the claw marks on your neck as well.” I said as I put the Betadine filled cotton pad on his wounds and cleaned it.

“Ow!” Alex yelled.

Kade was chuckling, and I also put the Agua oxigenada on his neck and he screeched. “FUCK!”

Kade and Mikhail were laughing, huh they thought they were finished.

I pulled out the disinfectant spray and sprayed it on Mikhail and Alex. They were jumping from the stinging sensation and they had their teeth clenched and were whisper yelling profanities while they were at it. Kade was laughing at the two of them, I got Gabby from him but I can still smell the rusty smell of blood.

“Why are you laughing?” I asked Kade.

“It’s funny, Bree.” He was bent over laughing. To be honest, I was very amused by the two but Kade thought that he can get away.

I went close to Alex and Mikhail, and whispered “He has a claw mark on his back.” I said. And the two of them smirked and got the Betadine, Agua oxigenada, the pads and the disinfectant spray and was walking with evil looks on their faces towards mikhail.

“Shit.” Kade mumbled he tried to run but alex beat him to it and had him trapped with kade’s shirt on his head and Mikhail cleaned his wounds while Kade exclaiming every profanity that he has ever known while Mikhail and Alex was laughing at kade’s misery. Especially when both of them took turns on the disinfectant spray because that claw mark on Kade’s back was so long but it wasn’t as deep as Mikhail’s or Alex’s.

As we got back in the jeep, gabby was awake now. I saw mikhail’s wounds that are healing pretty quickly not like earlier, I handed Mikhail a clean shirt.

“Thanks.” He said while smiling at me.

Alex started the car and we went back on the road to his pack again. “It’s nice to see all of you getting on pretty nicely.”

They all scoffed together. Here we go again.

Mikhail got Gabby from me and played with him, before I knew it I fell to a deep slumber.

I woke up to see that Alex was parking the jeep in front of a Pizza place called Big Oli’s pizza. As if on cue Kade’s stomach grumbled and we all laughed, we all got out of the jeep.

“Get your things.” Alex said.

“What? Why?” I asked.

“We’re moving to my pack’s. It’s not safe to drive in that jeep where the hybrids saw the plate number.” He answered.

I nodded in understanding, “We’re not going to eat brunch?” I asked.

“We are.” Mikhail said smiling down at me.

Gabby giggled at me and was wanting to go to me, I carried him. “Hi, baby boy.” I said and he was grinning and looking at me with those big eyes.

I saw Mikhail and the two getting the things from the jeep to … I looked at where they were headed and saw an old van.

“So, it wouldn’t be suspicious.” Alex said.

“Yeah right.” Kade scoffed, “Why wouldn’t you admit that your pack is poor.” He said while wiggling his eyebrows to provoke Alex.

Mikhail was smirking and put all of our stuff in the van. He walked to me after he was finished while Alex said, “Don’t compare my pack to yours, Reid.”

“My pack is not cheap!” Kade countered.

I walked in the pizza place with Mikhail and saw that the both of them are still at it.

“I think we should order take outs instead of eating here.” Mikhail suggested.

“Agreed.” I said. “I just have to change this little one’s diaper.” I said as I smelled Gabby’s stinky diaper while Gabby was busy eating his fist.

I went to the restroom and cleaned him and his diaper, when we went out I saw Mikhail sitting on a chair. “Hold him. I need to go to the restroom.”

“Yeah sure.” He said shaking his head as he looked at the two who was constantly bickering.

I gave him Gabby and I went to the restroom to do my business, and when I went out. I saw that Mikhail had the boxes of pizza on the table while feeding Gabby some mashed potatoes.

Gabby was jumping up and down happily as he eats his mashed potato. I grinned at the scene. As I walked to their table, Mikhail saw me and stood up.

“They’re still at it?” I asked.

He nodded “Yeah.” He said as he looked out the window and the both of them are still bickering childishly. We went out, and walked in the van.

“My pack is better than your scrawny pack!” Said Kade.

“Are you blind?! Lycans are much bigger than your average kind!” He said .

“Yeah yeah, stop going at it with this childish argument and let’s go!” Mikhail said as he closed the van’s door.

The two of them looked at each other once more glaring to death, and I remembered that I forgot to throw away Gabby’s diaper. I opened the window and threw it at Alex , “Enjoy the Chocolate sandwich!” I yelled while Mikhail and I was laughing hysterically, and Alex passed it on to Kade while their faces scrunched up in disgust and threw the diaper and went in the passenger seat and driver’s seat.

“That was gross, Bree.” Alex said.

“Gotta do what needs to be done to stop you two.” I said and gave the both of them some baby wipes so they can wipe their hands clean and some alcohol.

They cleaned their hands and started the car, I handed the both of them a box of pizza.

“Thank Goddess!” Kade exclaimed as he opened the box and got a slice.

The ride was pretty uneventful if you ask me except for Kade and Alex’s bickering. We reached Alex’s pack, and as we drove to the pack house I can see the Lycans training on the field some in human form but some are in wolf form.

They are much bigger than the average wolves, I don’t know if they are much stronger but they look so intimidating. Maybe for me because I’m considered a midget with my 5‘3 height.

When Alex parked the van and we all got out, his pack members got our bags. I admired the architecture of his pack house, it’s so beautiful!

I sneaked a look at kade who rolled his eyes and Alex was smirking triumphantly while Mikhail’s just has this ‘Meh, it’s okay.’ Look.

“Not impressed?” I asked Mikhail.

“I’m not included in that showdown.” He said surpressing a smile, “And even if I was-” he trailed off and looked at me, “I’ve seen better.” He said then winked at me and went inside.

‘He is so gorgeous!’ Kat exclaimed. Oh hey, it’s so nice of you to come back.

‘You missed me anyways.’ She replied.

I don’t understand why you can fangirl about Mikhail and not fangirl about our second chance mate.

I went in the pack house and I gotta give it to the designer! Everything is just so perfectly balanced and so elegant-

“What do you think?” Alex said bumping my shoulder a bit and smiling at me.

“It’s beautiful.” I said while admiring the living room.

“This is yours.” He said. “Everything is yours.”

I gave him a weak smile, and just admired the house’s interior. I feel so awkward I don’t know why! Goddammit, Kat. Where are you when I need you!

“I want to rest” I said. “Is it okay?” I asked Alex.

“I’ll show you to our room.” Alex said.

What! I’m sharing with him?! I looked at Mikhail and he was shocked as me.

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