The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 62


What part of taking it slow is making her share a room with him?! I had my teeth clenched and balled my fist.

She still followed him though, I asked a lycan that was beside me “Hi, can i ask where me and my son will stay? We’re kind of beat.” I said.

“Sure! Just follow me.” He said and started walking.

As i went to the second floor, i saw alex and gabreelle enter Alex’s room. “This is where you’ll stay.” The Lycan said stopping at the room next to Alex’s room.

“Thank you.” I said as i went in,locked the door and listened in on gabreelle and alex.

Are they making out? Are they going to mark each other? Are they-

“Alex, i appreciate all of this but it’s all a bit too fast. I told you yesterday that i wanted to keep this slow and just want to cope with everything bit by bit.” She said.

“Are you not comfortable being with me?”

“I just feel comfortable alone and i just feel safer around my guardian .” She said.

“Don’t you feel safe around me?”

I couldn’t hear any response maybe she’s shaking her head or nodding her head. I don’t know, i wish i had X ray visions right now.

“I don’t know what i’m doing wrong.” He said.

“Nothing! It’s not you, alex. You’ve been nothing but nice and sweet to me.” She said.

I pity alex to be honest,it hurts when you hear that from a person that you like but it hurts more when you hear it from your mate.

I mean i get what she feels because her life has been such an emotional roller coaster lately.

‘You get what she feels? Or just because you love her and don’t want her to be taken by anybody else?’ austin said.

I rolled my eyes at my wolf, i mean i can’t blame him i do love her and don’t want her to be with anybody else but i’m her guardian my sole responsibility is to protect her from harm and from every danger that we might face.

I got out of my eavesdropping position and lied gabby down on the bed, everything looks so pricey. The tiles,carpet,bed,the furniture, the sheets.

Gabby was fiddling with his hands and eating it, i checked his diaper to see that it’s full. I changed his diaper and the door of our room opened revealing all the elders.

“We’re glad you’re safe!” Elder lynus said.

“And gabby too.” christopher said while getting closer to us and making faces at gabby and carried him.

“We should talk about what happened.” I said as i stood up.

“Agreed.” Elder michael said.

“We need bree here though.” Elder nixon said.

“Anybody called me?” Gabreelle said walking in the room with a gloomy face.

“What happened to you? Someone eat your chocolate or something?” I joked.

“Ha ha.” She said while closing the door as it was about to close Kade slipped in.

“Did someone invite you in or something?” I said. Kade rolled his eyes at me. Elder jonathan coughed to cover his almost laugh the elders looked at him and he was hiding his smile.

“I think we should put two on two together.” Gabreelle started “the one who went in the hotel was a hybrid.”

“Hybrids as well as rogues attacked our pack.” Kade said.

The door opened revealing Alex and closed it, great another uninvited guest I rolled my eyes of course he had to be here.

“The first one to attack was a normal wolf… Remember the condo?” I said looking straight at Gabreelle and she nodded.

“You got attacked in the condo?!” Alex said through clenched teeth.

“Calm down.” Gabreelle said trying to not let Alex make a scene.

“You’re a guardian for fucking sake! Can’t you do your job right!” He said yelling at me. I clenched my teeth and i saw Gabreelle looking at me and shook her head as a sign to not react.

“The next was a hybrid.” She said ignoring Alex

“The wolf didn’t belong to a pack sean ran an autopsy on the wolf, he’s a rogue.” I said following her lead. I can see Alex getting mad by the second.

I continued,” but i do have more information about the hybrid.” I said and they all looked at me.

“His name is Jared Cross. He’s a rogue BUT! He works in a clothing factory in washington. Which got me really curious-“

“Because he went from washington to italy.” Said alpha christopher.

“My pack couldn’t find more information about the jared kid but they’re doing more research about the rogue and hybrid that attacked us in italy .” I said.

After that brief meeting we decided that it’s best to train, also Gabreelle is involved in case something happened to all of us.

“I’d gladly teach you.” Alex said smiling at Gabreelle.

“Thanks.” She smiled a weak and awkward smile, “but i already have someone to teach me.” She said and pointing to me.

I smirked at Alex, and he growled lowly “you are mine!”

Gabreelle growled at him and Alex backed off! He was shocked.

“I am going to be trained by my guardian.” She said.

All of us can feel the tension of the two of them. They’re the most incompatible mates that i have ever seen in my life!

Gabreelle went to me, “hey.” She said.

“Whoa there miss independent who needs no mate.” I said and she chuckled.

“He’s getting in my nerves.” She said. “Let’s start.” She said.

I gave her a nod and taught her some basic self defense moves.

“Someone broke through the barriers!” Someone shouted outside. We all looked through the window and I can still see Alex standing there and not doing anything.

I saw a petite figure trying to get out of the hold of the Lycans. She escaped and snapped her fingers and the Lycans were frozen, and the bitch himself was still watching!

“You’re an Alpha for fucking sakes cant you do your job right?” I said bringing back to him what he said to me earlier. Alex growled at me, I rolled my eyes and opened the window and jumped out, because the fucker couldn’t even do his job right! At least I saved Gabreelle and my son.

The witch saw the window from my room and saw Gabreelle. “What do you want from her.” I said.

“I just want to talk.” She said.

“Bullshit!” Kade shouted.

“You can tell her here without going near her.” I said.

“Not here. It’s dangerous here.” She said looking around.

“Do you have companions with-” I could’ve finished but that dumb bitch aka Alex jumped out of the window and attacked this witch.

She snapped her fingers and Alex was frozen. He wanted to move but he can’t and he also can’t talk. Serves him right for talking shit.

I shook my head in disappointment, how can this guy be an alpha? Clearly not thinking when he’s going to do something. I shook my head in disappointment.

“Let’s talk.” Said Gabreelle. I was about to object but she lifted her hand.

We all went inside. Yes, Alex is still frozen outside. In a few moments the elders and Gabreelle were downstairs,

“We don’t have much time.” Said the witch.

“Just be straight to the point.” Gabreelle said.

“Macy is alive.”

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