The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 63


Is she really… I looked at christopher to see that he is as shocked as me I looked to the elders to see them surprised as well but when i looked at Mikhail he has his teeth clenched,his eyes closed and breathing in and out slowly to calm his nerves.

I think he sensed someone looking at him because he opened his eyes and looked straight to mine.

“why are you here?” Asked elder jonathan.

“To give notice.” She said.

“How can we know that you’re not lying?” Kade said.

She reached in her back pocket and brought out a bag with big crystals in it. What the! This isn’t time for drugs!

I closed my eyes when she opened the packet i can smell the smell of-

She let out a groan when i opened my eyes there was salt all over her wrists, “elder nixon. You can use your powers on me to test if i’m telling the truth.” She said with clenched teeth. Her wrists looked like someone put acid on it, i can now smell the rusty smell of blood.

“Be fast. Before it’s too late!” She screeched.

I saw elder nixon changed his blue eyes turn to pitch black and i looked at the witch to see that her eyes is as pitch black as his.

They looked possessed to be honest.

Now isn’t the time for that,bree. Said kat.

Alright alright, after a few moments the witch passed out and elder nixon’s eyes were back to normal.

“She’s telling the truth.” He said “and i know how her remains got to the hands of the wicked witches.”

Then we all heard loud growls coming from outside, I sniffed the air “Rogues.” I said barely above whisper but they all heard me.

“Let’s go!” Mikhail shouted.

“Please save us,bree.” The witch said. “You’re all we have left to save every creature out there.” She said giving me a smile.

“Come on!” I shouted at her.

“This is where i saw my death. Please bree give our deaths justice because we died for you.” She said staying in her place as all of the Lycans are battling the rogues out there.

The elders went out to the other exit as well as kade and Alex while they battle out the rogues that somehow reached the other exit.

Someone’s trying to break down the door and mikhail was trying to carry me so we can go but i can’t leave this witch alone to die!

The door opened in a swoop and i saw witches that have spider like veins under their eyes, a witch with red hair sniffed and saw the witch that helped give us information “You traitor!”

“Gabreelle! Come on!” Mikhail whisper yelled as he carried me as i thrashed my body so i could go down.

“No!” I shouted.

“Dammit,woman!Do you want to die?!” Mikhail screeched.

The witches- they were mumbling incoherent things, and i saw the witch that helped us trembling. I growled loud and they noticed me but didn’t stop chanting- I have to do something!

I grabbed the nice witch and ran as fast as i could with mikhail trailing behind.

Because i was fast i already reached the back door where i saw a pile of rogues lifeless and two vans that Kade and Alex are trying to start and the elders were fighting the other rogues.

“They’re outnumbering us!” Mikhail growled. “Gabreelle get in the van!”

I went to the van and saw mikhail undress fast as lightning and shift to a his large black wolf and helped christopher and the elders. As i saw that there were more rogues approaching and ganging up on the elders and mikhail alex got out from the other van and shifted to his lycan and helped the elders,christopher and mikhail but it was no use.

“I was supposed to die there.” The witch said.

“But you didn’t.”

“Because you saved me.” She said.

“Because you don’t deserve to die.” I said and looked at my son that was in his baby car seat who was sleeping so peacefully and was smiling a bit.

“besides-” i was supposed to continue but kade successfully started the engine of this van.

“I’m going to help the others,bree. Get out of here as far as you can! You contact Reed or my dad or anyone. Do you understand?” He said and waited no time for my answer and shifted to his wolf and helped the others.

“He’s right.” she said.

I looked out the window of the van to see that they are severely outnumbered! It was 23 versus 8, i think mikhail sensed me looking and he looked at me and howled as if signaling me to go.

I saw as a rogue bit his arm mikhail whimpered a bit and growled and that got me off the edge, i growled and went out and shifted.

“No!” The witch shouted “come back bree!”

All i saw was red, i pounced on a rogue and bit his throat hard and heard his bone crack and his body lifeless. I went on to another rogue and slashed his throat and then i heard a whimper and saw that elder lynus got bitten on his leg and another rogue clawed his arm deep i growled and attacked on the rogue like a wild rabid animal and slashing his throat killed him instantly and the other rogue that clawed his arm tried to attack me. I kicked him on his throat he choked and I clawed his throat.

The other elders,christopher,alex,kade and mikhail got clawed,bitten and badly wounded and that was enough to make me furious! I clawed,slashed and kicked like a madwoman who’s thirsty for revenge. I saw the elders and christopher in their human forms and the witch was clothing them.

“Go now bree!” Kade was also now in human form and was holding his stomach where blood was oozing out of him . “Go while you still can!”

I growled and shook my head, and attacked ten more rogues in less than 10 seconds. I saw Alex and 7 rogues were ganging on him and mikhail has 8 ganging on him alex had his legs bitten by a rogue and the rogue shook him violently i growled and i attacked the 7 rogues snapping their necks. I saw mikhail who was getting clawed and bitted, he was getting weak i can see it and i can feel it. I clawed the remaining 7 instantly letting them die, there was 1 rogue left. I smiled a sadistic smile,

“Please kill me now!” He begged.

“Why should i not? You hurt all of the people i care about.” I said dragging my finger that still has its long sharp nail from my wolf form.

He was shivering in fear, “but i won’t.” I said and scratched his chest .

“That’s for biting my guardian,bitch.” I said as i let him go and he was running to the woods instantly.

“I told you to go.” Mikhail said.

“If i left,you would have died.” I said. He was quiet while he was attending his wounds.

“Let’s go.” He said while he entered the van and i come in also.

Kade and Alex was in the other van with the elders and christopher because they were the only ones who can drive and carry them when needed.

“They’re all wounded.” The witch said.

“Should i-” i started to say but she interrupted

“I should attend to their wounds and help them out.”

“Are you sure?” Mikhail asked.

“Yes,alpha reed.” She said.

Mikhail nodded, “your name?”

“Alessandra.” She said before closing the van door.

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