The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 64


We’ve been driving non stop for almost 24 hours, I can’t blame mikhail because he wants to be sure that i’m safe. The elders’ van was behind us, i was feeling a bit tired and hungry to be honest I couldn’t sleep knowing that something bad would happen to mikhail and also Gabby had us up most of the time because he was dancing to songs on the radio- when i say dancing like his body is jumping up and down non stop and mikhail and i were so amused by this and was laughing because gabby was so into it. I also didn’t sleep because i would always change gabby’s diapers.

I heard my stomach rumble i blushed from embarrassment and mikhail laughed. “There’s McDonald’s at a gas station there. We can stop over , we’re far enough.” He said while pointing where.

Mikhail parked in front of Mcdonald’s and i could see that the other van stop too.

We went out with me carrying gabby and mikhail locked the van, as the other van opened their door. “Finally!” I heard elder jackson yell as he ran to the restroom near the air pumping station was.

“He’s been holding it in for a long time since our bottles were full.”

Bottles- what?!

Mikhail was full on laughing and i had wide eyes and laughed also. Then alpha christopher said, “well sorry Mr. and Mrs. Perfect we couldn’t hold it in like you two.”

I saw alex throwing bottles of mountain dew in the trash can, I scrunched up my nose in disgust and mikhail was laughing so much that he had tears gabby was looking at him and gabby was laughing too. This cute little baby is such a bubbly one! Elder jackson came back smiling as if he had won the lottery.

“Success!” He yelled while grinning.

I am so glad that all of them healed pretty quickly, we all then went inside and occupied a large table.

“What do you want?” Mikhail asked.

“I’m famished! I wanna buy the whole menu.” I said as my stomach grumbled again. Mikhail laughed the others were too busy talking to each other. “I’d like to have a large fries, 6pcs of nuggets, and the chicken burger.” I said.

“Duly noted.” Mikhail said and winked. I heard a low growl from none other than my ex mate and my current mate. I rolled my eyes here we go again.

We all ate and i also fed gabby, who was eating like he hasn’t drank a lot of bottles of milk.

“So,Reed.Are we far from our destination?” Elder nixon asked.

“Not really.” Mikhail answered while popping some fries in his mouth. “Just an hour or two give or take, elder nixon.” He said. Elder nixon nods his head and everyone continued eating.

I finished feeding gabby and i’m currently finishing my food. “Are you okay?” Kade asked.

“Why would i not be okay?” I asked him.

“With everything going on i know that you’re beyond stressed at this point.” He said.

At the mention of it, i wanted to rest i hope that when we get to where we’re going i can rest for a bit. Just a solid nap so i could have energy to fight more.

“I’m fine,kade. Thanks for the concern.” I said and gave him a smile and he blushed a bit.

Then again alex growled and when i looked at him he mouthed mine.

After eating we went to the van again, i beat mikhail to the driver’s seat. “I’ll drive. Just give me directions.” I said to him.

“No, gabreelle. It’s fine.” Mikhail said while smiling at me.

“No,you carry gabby. Besides it’s your father and son time.” I said. Mikhail looked at gabby who was sleeping soundly on his arms and smiled at our baby boy.

I started the engine and rode the driver side, mikhail opened the passenger side while carrying gabby he sat down and wore a seatbelt.

“Ready?” I asked looking at Mikhail.

He was supposed to say something because he opened his mouth but then we heard a playful scream and laugh from gabby. Both mikhail and i laughed as well.

“Guess he’s more excited than anyone.” Mikhail said a grin still plastered on his face.

I turned on the radio and music played all throughout our ride to our destination speaking of destination….

“Where are we?” I said as mikhail said to park the van in the forest.

He had a pained face as we went down, “are you okay?”

He then looked at me “yeah, why wouldn’t i be?” He said casually as if i didn’t notice that he had this disturbed and pained expression awhile ago.

“Yeah-” i said in a playful tone. “Keep telling yourself that.” I said as i patted his shoulder and got gabby.

He had a smirk on his face, we all walked and walked until we saw a beautiful mansion bigger than Alex’s pack house.

“This is so big.” I said.

“Ohh that?” Mikhail said. “That’s just the headquarters, gym and the hall for occasions.” Mikhail said winking at me and leaded the way and then Alex growled.

“Show off.” Alex spat out.

Mikhail wiggled a brow at Alex and had a smirk on his face, i think mikhail wants his ass handed to him. Alex was scowling.

As kade was walking to the front door, “not there.” Mikhail said.

We all were confused, then mikhail walked to the side of the headquarters building and we followed him and saw a vast field i guess this is where they do outdoor activities-

“We’re going there.” He pointed to a really big castle. Yes you heard it right a castle. We all were gaping.

We walked through the field and mikhail opened the huge double door, and saw the most amazing interior of any house that i have ever seen.

This is why he was like Meh my pack house is better when we went in Alex’s pack house.

“You want a room to yourself?” Alex asked. I nodded, “yeah.”

“Thought so.” He said, “i want to talk to you later if you would allow it.”

“Sure.” I said.

“Just rest, my beautiful mate.” He said while kissing my forehead and went straight ahead in this floor to find a room.

I heard someone clear their throat and i saw mikhail clenching his jaw, “are you ready to go to your room?” He asked.

“Yes.” I said and followed mikhail.

“Gabreelle i’ll be in my room if you need something.” He said pointing to his door “this is your room.” He said pointing to the door across his door.

“Don’t worry i’ll take care of gabby while you rest.” He said getting gabby from me.

“Are you sure?” I asked him.

“Yes.” He said smiling at me. “You deserve a break because right now the bags under your eyes have bags of their own.” He jokes.

I chuckled and said, “I’ll see you later then.”

“See you.” He said then I enter the room.

It was large! The walls were cream colored it looks simple but elegant the size though-It’s like two rooms joined into one! I jumped in the bed and it was soft and fluffy- i can feel my eyes droop heavily.

I opened my eyes and saw that the room is different because the walls were just cement and it was pretty dark and i heard some people talking i walked towards the voices.

As i walked towards them i saw someone beside Macy,

“When we kill her, we’ll be unstoppable!” Macy said and laughed a creepy laugh.

“Can’t we just drain her powers and not kill her?” The guy said it sounds very familiar…

“Well,mate-” she said putting emphasis on the word ‘mate’. “As long as she is living the moon goddess will just bless her again and again.” She said bitterly.

I saw the guy clenching his fists, then macy glared “don’t tell me you’re taking her side.”

The guy growled in frustration, then macy talks again “She’s nothing to you anyway both of you were just adopted. She’s not your real sister. So, if i were you i’d side with my mate who i’m destined to be with.” She said rather coldly.

Sister? Does that mean… It’s Jude. I saw jude turn around facing me I didn’t have time to hide because i was too stunned. It’s like i was frozen in place! I couldn’t move as Jude was walking towards me… As he was inches from me he stopped and turned his head over his shoulder and looked at macy, he was supposed to say something because he opened his mouth but he closed it again and he walked right through me like i’m some ghost! Am i dead?!

I saw macy rolling her eyes, “i’ll get her and her guardian.” She said and i could feel my wolf trying to come out and I shouted “No!!”

Suddenly i was being shaken awake, as i opened my eyes I saw Mikhail with worry all over his features. “What’s wrong?!”

I just hugged him and let my tears run down my cheeks and bawled my eyes out but then i stopped and held both his arms and pulled away from the hug worry seeped over me ” where’s gabby?”

He pointed his chin towards the play pen a few feet away my bed and i saw gabby sleeping so soundly.

“what happened to you? Did you have nightmares?” He asked as he gave me a glass of water and that’s when i noticed that i was sweating so much! I drank the whole glass of water.

“I don’t know because it all felt so real.” I said. “would you believe me?” I asked him.

He looked straight in my eyes and without hesitation he said ” I will always believe you.”

I let out a breath and said, “I know who the traitor is from my old pack.”



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