The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 65


“Maybe it was just a dream.” I said trying to comfort her.

She shook her head and then tears trickled down her cheeks, “Why do i feel like it’s more than a dream?” She said looking at me. “My brother’s mate is that witch she… She’s making him do her dirty work and uses the ‘mate’ shit.”

I feel her pain and brokenness, i hugged her again. “Everything will be alright, we’ll ask Alessandra what she knows tomorrow but for now you need to rest.” I said.

She nodded, “will you stay? I mean Alex is downstairs and I don’t think he feels what i feel.” She said a bit sad. “Would you lie with me?” She said in a hopeful voice.

Am i stupid to say No? This might be the only way i can sleep beside her and just be with her as Mikhail and not her guardian.

I lied down beside her she faced me ” mikhail why do i feel like he’s not my real mate?”

“To be honest?” I said.

“What?” She replied.

“I don’t know. Because quite frankly i was expecting that-” i stopped because I don’t want to complicate things between us when i say that i was expecting that the both of us would be mates.

“That?” She asked.

“Nothing.” I said a bit too quickly, “maybe we can ask the elders?” I suggested.

“That’s a good idea. When i’m with alex it just…” She cut off.

“Just what?”

“It just doesn’t feel right.” She said while lying down on her back again and was looking at the ceiling.

“I don’t know what to say.” I said honestly.

She chuckled, “I didn’t expect you to say anything on my last statement.” She said smiling. Her smile was breathtaking my heartbeat was beating kind of fast.

“You know i was kind of hoping that-” she said but then cut off.


“Nothing.” She said blushing a bit.

“Thinking of me aren’t you?” I said teasing her and she pinched my arm.

“That hurt!” I exclaimed and she just laughed.

“If i ever die, i know that gabby will be in great hands.” She said smiling.

“You won’t die.” I said sternly.

“I just feel like… I feel like it’s just a better option than risk so many lives.” She said. “I just want all of this to be over.” She said with a sigh.

“You won’t die, what’s a guardian if I couldn’t guard you? I will do everything that i can to protect you and that’s a promise.” I said.

“But I don’t want you to die.” She said while facing me again. “You’re too important to die.” She said.

“I’m irrelevant compared to you.” I said while facing her.

“You’re not irrelevant! You’re an alpha with a handsome baby boy and you’re one of the strongest persons that i have ever known.” She said smiling at me.

My heart skipped a beat when she said that compliment. I wish i can tell her how i feel about her but who am i to compare with her mate bond with Alex.

“You know for a cocky guy who knows he’s handsome and sexy you don’t believe in yourself that much.” She said.

“Ahh so you think that i’m handsome and sexy?” I said teasing her while i wiggled my brows suggestively.

She blushed and started hitting me, i laughed she’s adorable!

“Come on, gabreelle. Sleep now it’s 12 in the evening so please just sleep we got training tomorrow.” I said.

“Oh yeah i forgot about that.” She said then yawned. “Good night.”

“Sweet dreams.” I said to her and she now closed her eyes.

How can someone be so breathtakingly beautiful?

“Don’t leave,mikhail.” She said while her eyes were closed.

“Never.” I assured her.

Then she slept peacefully, i closed my eyes and fell into a deep slumber.

I woke up to hearing gabby murmuring things to himself, it was rather kind of adorable to see him talking to himself.

I looked to my right to see Gabreelle sleeping and both of us had arms around each other. I feel my cheeks heat up, it’s a warm feeling to cuddle with her.

This is the only time i can hug her like this… Might as well cherish it. My heart was pounding so fast i think it would leap any second now.

’Why did she have to be mates with Alex?’I question in my head. My wolf was hurting.

I caressed her hair and she opened her eyes, when she did she was blushing as red as a tomato.

“Good morning.” I said smiling down st her.

“Good morning.” She whispered shyly and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“You’re too cute.” I said and she blushed redder than earlier and i laughed.

“You like me don’t you?” I said teasing her.

She huffed and sat up, “no I don’t!”

“Prove it.” I dared.

“How?” She asked.

I sat up and she said, “well?”

I was just looking at her in the eyes and leaned in when our noses were touching i could hear my heartbeat pounding louder and louder. I nuzzled my nose to hers and when our lips were just an inch a part,

“Bree i need-” alessandra said flinging open the door. “Ohh I’m sorry.” She said completely stunned and quickly closed the door.

Gabreelle let out a sigh, “just admit it.” I said to her smirking.

She rolled her eyes at me, “keep dreaming.” She said.

I chuckled but deep down i knew that it hurt. She stood up and carried gabby and went out the door, i trailed after them as soon as i finished making the bed.

As we went downstairs in the kitchen the elders were in there already done cooking. “Good! Both of you are up. Now you can eat so you can train now.” Elder nixon said. I saw alessandra sitting and eating she looked up at gabreelle and smiled, “good morning,bree.”

“Good morning alessandra.” She said.

“Call me, sandy.” She said and smiled.

Gabreelle nodded at her and then I sat on the comfy chair and was carrying gabby who was excited to eat as always. I went to a closet and pulled out a baby walker, i put it in between hers and my seat. I put gabby in and he was really happy that he was slamming his hands on the walker, “he likes it.” Christopher said smiling at Gabby.

I prayed to God and said my thank you for all his blessings and that he has kept me alive to this day and then i ate and fed Gabby.

Alex and kade went in at the same time. They looked at each other and growled, there’s no changing the both of them.

We ate our breakfast and then i went upstairs to change clothes and gabby was in the hands of the elders. After i changed into a black shirt and sweat shorts when i went out and went downstairs i saw gabreelle wearing a navy blue shirt,cotton workout shorts and shoes and went down i was ready to come down as well.

As i went down i saw Sandy already is a sportsbra and dark gray sweatpants and some shoes. She was talking to her.

“Hey.” She said smiling at her.

“Hey.” She said smiling back.

“I have a question.” Gabreelle said and Sandy faced her.

“What is it?”

“Did you work for Macy before you came running to me?”

She nodded her head, ” Every witch actually, we have no choice since our elders were taken by them.” She said with clenched teeth and balled fists. “It’s either you join or you’re going to be killed.”

“Did you see a wolf there?” I asked her.

“The cute guy?” She asked.

I’m a guy I wouldn’t know.

“His name is Jude.” I said.

She nodded her head, “yeah he’s cute.” She said smiling but then she frowned. “Macy put a spell on him-“

“To let him think that she’s his mate?” I finished for her.

“How did you-” she stopped, “reed, tell me how you knew.” She said.

I pointed to gabreelle, “she dreamt of it.”

“Bree, what else did you see?”

“Just the two of them talking to each other, she’s making him side with her rather than mine.” She said. “That’s all.”

“That bitch will do everything to get power.” Sandy said shaking her head while clenching her jaw and her lips formed into a tight line.

“Let’s go and train” Gabreelle said to ease the silence.

We all went to the training grounds which was in another building, my old pack consists of 10,000 pack members. That’s why there are many buildings, also our pack was one of the most richest packs there is but then the attack happened.

We entered the double doors to the training arena and saw that kade and alex was already there. Alex was punching the wooden dummy and kade was running laps and stopping for burpees. Their heads turned to the now opened door and was looking at Gabreelle their eyes turning black with lust, i swear that i was ready to turn because i can feel my wolf taking control.

But then Sandy cleared her throat and the two snapped out of it and went back to what they were doing. “Guide me?” Gabreelle turned to me.

“It’s probably for the best if i help you train,bree.” Sandy said.

Gabreelle looked at sandy as if she grew a second head, and looked at me hesitantly. I feel myself growl a bit, but then gave her a tight nod and i went instantly to the corner where i can stretch.

Sandy then stretched with Gabreelle, and after a good 5 minutes they broke off into a run. Gabreelle was fast even in human form, sandy was shocked to say the least. Gabreelle was into her running and looks determined that she needs to be strong, she was running so gracefully and aggressively at the same time.

Her hair was bouncing and swaying as she ran, she had flushed cheeks, her lips slightly parted- how can someone look so beautiful while running?

After i stretched i went straight to the punching bag, the strategy is that i need to be fast as i could with heavy damage. It sucks if you got only the speed, you need great balance to do heavy damage. That’s why i need to be stronger i need to… For gabreelle.

As i was punching the bag at a fast speed heavy handedly my speed went faster it’s like i was one with the wind if that even makes sense and in no time the bag not only opened its seams and my hand was in the bag but it got out of its chain and fell.

I can sense silence so i looked to where the four of them are training and i saw Gabreelle looking at me stunned and then her lips formed into a smirk and went back to crunches. The two boys looked at me and was glaring at me and then went back to doing their training, and i went to another punching bag and did the same.

I saw Gabreelle stop training and started to walk towards the door to the restroom,i stopped punching and immediately started to walk to follow her but sandy cleared her throat.

“Let her go to the restroom by herself.” She said. “The last thing that she wants is to feel so helpless that even walking to the restroom will be a challenge.”

I gave her a nod, “i just want her to be safe and to feel safe.” I said

“I know.” She said.”but let her do the little things that she can.”

I gave her another nod. Then she cleared her throat again, “and please guys if you’re trying to impress her it’s not working so stop trying to compete with each other.”

I instantly looked at kade and alex and i felt ashamed because I have never acted this way before and to stoop as low as the both of them is definitely not my style.

‘That’s okay! It’s just a way to let them know that you’re competition.’ My wolf austin said.

Competition? Who am i to her ex soulmate and her current second chance mate? I’m a nobody.

‘You’re her guardian,you nitwit.’ Austin said annoyed. ‘You need to believe in yourself more.’

I can’t defy the moon goddess’ wishes even if i wanted to i can’t.

‘Everything will fall back into place, you’ll see.’ Austin said.

What do you mean? I can’t hear anything from my wolf anymore he left me hanging dang it!

I heard the door being shut and looked to see that it was Gabreelle. Maybe it is true- that you love the people that can’t love you back.

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