The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 66


After training i was exhausted and famished so i gathered all my remaining energy to run to the pack castle- ohh shit pack house rather. It’s just- the castle is so big and that i’m staying in a legit castle. I’m really tired i feel like any moment i will pass out, i went to the kitchen to drink water so i did and after what seems to be like a minute of drinking a lot of water and feeling bloated i turned around and met a muscular chest. I was stunned to even move, a hand held my jaw forcefully and made me look up to his face.

Alex was fuming with anger, “what do you think you’re doing!” He exclaimed while his teeth are clenched. He was shaking in anger and i couldn’t help but Shake in terror.

“Wha- what are you talking about?” I stutter.

My question was answered with a loud smack on my left cheek. He slapped me, i was too stunned to move.

“I smelled another wolf’s scent on you this morning! But you don’t want to sleep with me!”

“Wouldn’t you feel it if i did sleep with another wolf-” he cut me off with another slap.

“That’s for talking back! You will not talk back to me like that ever again.” He said tauntingly.

If i had energy i would’ve fought back but i couldn’t i was too tired too stunned to scared to see what’s going to happen next if i did the wrong thing. He did have a point because he is my mate and it’s disrespectful to sleep with another man in a bed.

“Now,come here.” He held my elbow in a grip so tight that it hurt and dragged me to his room he threw me to sit on the bed. He locked the door, and looked at me his eyes black and full of lust.

“You’re mine.” He said as he pulled my hands so that i was standing and he kissed me with so much force that it hurt his teeth was colliding with mine in the process. I couldn’t kiss him back, this wasn’t how my first kiss supposed to be like, it wasn’t supposed to feel so forced.

He had me have my back lean against the wall while he was kissing me,his hands held my wrist so tightly above my head and he kept dry humping me i tried to get out of his grip but he tightened it and began to do it more roughly.

I could feel tears drop on my face as my head began to ache and that i could feel my eyes droop in exhaustion. I can’t take it anymore i was full on crying and he hadn’t noticed and he isn’t stopping!

‘Bree.’ My wolf called.

I could feel his hand go down to my stomach to the waistband of my shorts and just slid his finger to my panties.

“You want me,huh?” He said cockily. I spat on his face and he just smirked and muttered “kinky.” While he ripped my cotton shirt off of my body his eyes roamed on my upper body from my stomach to my sportsbra.

“Stop.” I mutter hoarsely as he had me on my knees and he was sitting at the edge of his mattress.

“Aw,baby. I’ve just started.” He said deviously.

I couldn’t stop myself from crying, “stop,please.”

“Say my name.” He said.


“Again! Beg me!” He shouted while he pulled my hair violently making my whole body move.

“Please,alex.” I said sobbing. “Alex please!”

“Alright.” He said before he kissed me again forcefully. I stood up and ran up to my room but as you guessed I couldn’t make it, because as i reached the top of the stairs i blacked out and the last thing i heard was someone shouting my name.

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