The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 67


While reed ran around the perimeter and kade was in duty i took my time to walk back to the pack house. While i admired my surroundings my thoughts drifted to my mate, it’s been a week since i last saw him.

I went inside the pack house and went to the kitchen, i cleaned an apple and took a bite off it and got a bottle of water inside the refrigerator. While i was in the middle of drinking my water i heard a door open and heavy footsteps running , i went out the kitchen door to see bree in just her shorts and sports bra and was going up the stairs.

“Bree.” I called out.

She didn’t seem to hear me but as she got to the top of the staircase she stopped for a bit she was wobbling “bree!” and then she fell off the staircase.

I picked her up and ran up to my room, i put her in my bed and i felt something drip from my arm and saw that there was a huge amount of blood dripping! I looked at the floor and then at bree, she’s bleeding! So, i went to check where all the blood is coming out from and saw that it was from her head. Ohh moon goddess help us, i went to put pressure and make the bleeding less. I saw marks on her wrists, bruises on her elbows and her left red slightly swollen cheek.

Somebody hurt her

“HELP!” I shout. Nobody is coming! Dang it! I carried her body down the stairs “help!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

The door opened to reveal a very alert Reed and saw Bree. “No.” He said not believing in what he’s seeing. He got bree from me and ran out, i followed him to the pack hospital.

I saw him go to the left hallway to the emergency room, i ran as fast as my feet could and went in to see Reed looking down at bree with a pained expression while he was cleaning her head wound.

“How bad is it?” I ask

“Really bad.” He said through clenched teeth and him getting putting the thread in the needle and sanitize it.

“This is all my fault.” He muttered accusingly to himself.

“No, it’s not.” I said. “She wouldn’t blame you either.” I glanced at her bruises and marks but it disappeared. Maybe i was just exaggerating earlier maybe she really wasn’t hurt by somebody.

“If i was by her side then everything would be alright.” He said. “This wouldn’t have happened.” He said in a strained voice.

He started to stitch her head, ” it was my fault, it was your duty to protect her and now look at what happened.”

I couldn’t find the words to say, i don’t know him like Bree does. I don’t know how to calm him down, i don’t know how to make things better!

“I hate myself.” He muttered barely a whisper.

I suddenly thought about something, ” you know what?”

“What.” He asked clearly annoyed.

“Reed mikhail storm,Instead of wallowing yourself into that shit that you’re feeling. You need to find out what happened, you’re her guardian for godsakes!” I said.

“you’re right.” He said and sniffed.

“No scent.” He said and kicked the metal tray to the wall. “Dang it!”

He carried bree and we went back to the pack house. We went in bree’s room and the elders went in with kade,alex and alpha michael,

“What happened?!” Growled alex menacingly to Reed. Grabbing his shirt collar and his eyes the color of black.

“DID YOU TOUCH HER!” Alex shouted at mikhail with so much alpha power that made kade and i weak to our knees but we managed to still stand.

Reed didn’t budge one bit and he stood tall and proud looking at alex at eye level. “I wouldn’t dare lay a hand on her.” He said with clenched teeth.

“Doesn’t seem that way since i smelled your scent on her this morning! Now tell me! Did. You. Lay. A. Hand. On. Her!” Alex shouted back with such alpha power that made the elders, alpha michael and kade whimper while i stood still and was quivering in fear.

Reed got out of Alex’s hold, ” You’re not the only alpha here. You have no effect on me! I would never harm Gabreelle!”

“Well, if you didn’t- you should’ve been with her since you’re her guardian.” Alex said annoyed.

“Well, fucker. I was running around the perimeter doing some rounds with Kade, and if i remember correctly you got back here first! Now, i thought she’d be safe since she’s your mate.” Reed talked back.

“You fucking bastard!” Alex yelled in rage and threw a punch at reed.

Reed didn’t fight back, “i’d never stoop low as you.” Reed said as he wipes a droplet of blood from his nose.

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