The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 7


I can’t believe that he put me his son and I on duty for cooking, I don’t know what he is up to but it's not good.

When we got out of the office, ” Bree.”

I looked up at Kade, “What?”

Oh my gosh here it is, the rejection. Oh my goddess help me cope with the rejec-

“I’m sorry for everything.”

I looked up at him again to see how sincere his eyes are, “We should go make food now.” I said changing the subject.

I can’t believe that he said sorry. Is he playing me right now? or is he bipolar or something?

We went to the kitchen and cleaned some potatoes, “Don’t worry. I got it.” I said.

"I really want to help." He said.

I taught him how to peel the potatoes, how to cut them, how to cut the veggies and how to make the patty of the burger.

“It’s not so bad after all.” He said grinning at me.

His smile… It makes my heart beat fast.

‘He’s so gorgeous!’ Kat said.

I know, Kat. I know.

We fried the patties and now it was time to fry the fries. He’s a fast learner I gotta give him that.

“You sure it won’t fry my face?” He asked as he saw the boiling oil.

“Just do as I say you wont get fried to death.” I joked. He gulped as he threw a fry in the boiling oil.

I laughed at him, the big bad wolf is scared of the boiling oil 'cause it might fry his beautiful face.

He threw another fry, "Three points for Kade Reid!" He shouted and he got two more fries and I snatched a fry in his hand and shot it in the oil.

“Damn.” He said while I smirked. I stole his fry again and spun and shot it.

“She scores!” He shouted and we laughed. We continued our basketball antics until we were finished with every fry.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“I’m still here.” I said.

“You know what I mean bree.” He said looking at me with his arms crosses, his muscles flexing and-

Damn, I can’t think straight.

“College.” I said sighing.

“That’s next year.” He said.

“I’m graduating early.”

His eyes widened a bit but he regained composure.

“Where are you going to study?”

“It’s far from here.” I said.

His lips formed a thin line, “Tell me where bree”

Why was he acting like this?

“Tell me where!” He shouted at me.


His eyes looked murderous, he walked out on me. I don’t know where he went but what I do know is that he’s pissed at me.

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