The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 70


I jolted up and was now sitting on the bed. Huh? What…

“You were really cold and was sweating, are you sick? What happened?” He asked.

It was just a dream… It was only a dream, alex wouldn’t do that. Would he?

“It was just a bad dream.” I said.

“You can talk to me if you want.” Mikhail said.

“It’s fine, it’s just a bad dream.” I said trying to assure him.

Somebody knocked on the door,”come in” said mikhail.

sandy came in, “Bree! Oh my goodness!” she screamed and then proceeded to hug me. “we missed you so much!”

That was so sweet, never in my life that I have experienced that i feel missed or special.

Hey, remember when Mikhail Followed you to the airport and went with you to Italy? or remember when you first saw your wolf? You Felt special back then. Kat reminded me.

I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful,I’m sorry. I said.

How could I ever forget when Mikhail followed me to the airport? It Was the first time that I felt that someone cared. I Can’t count the short moments with Kade, he only tried to get along with me for a short while because of the matebond because if not for it he wouldn’t even spare a glance at me he would always think of me as an omega and nothing more.

Why is my life so complicated? When did it even part to get complicated?

“Bree,come on let’s eat breakfast,”sandy said.

“okay.” I said.

I proceeded to go down the stairs and the familiar feeling Of my sides hurting came back, I groaned and saw that Sandy and Mikhail Were now looking at me with Worry and concern.

“I’m Okay.” I said.

“You look anything but okay.”Mikhail said.

“Tell us.”Sand said.

What’s to tell? don’t even know how to explain it to myself.

“I don’t know what to tell you. I just feel that my sides are hurting.” I said truthfully.

We then walked through the doorframe leading to the kitchen and then through another doorframe leading to the dining area.The elders stopped chatting When they saw me.

“Thank you, Moongoddess!”yelled older michael.

All of them including Alpha Christopher, Kade and Alex.

Each and every one of them hugged meand said that they were worried and asked me if Iremember anything: told them ‘ no’.When it Was Alex’s turn to hug me I felt very uncomfortable,I could still hear the faint sounds of my cries from my dreams.

“I was so worried!” he said. I saw Mikhail roll his eyes. I bet that they had an argument when I was knocked out.Alex then kissed my forehead,”That won’t happen to you ever again,I promise.”Alex said. “I won’t let anyone touch you.” He whispered.

I nodded at him but I Couldn’t shake the memory of my dream last night,I can’t look at Alex the same after the dream even if he’s incredibly sweet right now.

Then i heard a giggle and saw my baby boy. My face broke into a smile, and carried Gabby.

We then ate,our breakfast consisted of bacon and scrambled eggs with slices of bread. After our breakfast, Kade walked to me,”I can take care of Gabby while you rest up, Bree.” He said.

Is it a good idea?My ex mate is going to take care of my son From another guy? I see myself trusting Kade. So, I let him.

“sandy.” I said.


“I want to train.” I said.

“I don’t think that that’s a good idea,” Sandy said. “You just woke up from a coma .”

“I just want to be able to defend myself.” I said. “Please.”I begged.

“Bree, You know well that I can’t.Your wellbeing Is my priority.” Sandy replied.

“Come on, Sandy.”I begged again.

“You don’t need to train. You have Mikhail, kade , Alex , AlphaChristopher, the elders and especially me .” She reasoned out.

Ohh if that’s the case. “Let’s assume that the Witches and hybrids are about fifty per witch and hybrid and how many are we? about 10 right? How can me and Gabby escape without giving a fight?”

“You just run away and don’t ever look back.”she replied.

“What if We did manage to escape? but we got hunted down? How will know how to fight back? I can barely protect myself how in the World can I protect my son?”I said.


I went upstairs to my room and found Mikhail sitting on the bed.”Ready to rest?”Asked Mikhail.



“Well, ugh-“I started. I don’t know if this will sit well with him.

“What is it, Gabreelle?”

“I’m going to train.” I said.

He looked at me as if I grew a second head.I just took back at him, “Ohh, you’re serious?”He says.

“Do I look like I’m joking?”I said.

“Whoa, easy there.I’m just worried that you’ll collapse like yesterday.” He says.

“That won’t happen again.” I said as I went through my bags and got a sports bra, A tank top that semi fits me and some short boxer shorts.

“Are you really sure?”

I nodded and went to my bathroom, I changed into my Workout clothes and went out into my room.

I could see in his eyes that he is worried.”Don’t worry, It won’t happen again.”I said.

“How can you be so sure?” He asked.

“Because you won’t let that happen.” I said smiling up at him.

His eyes widen in surprise-mostly shock. I opened the door and Walked out with him. I noticed that he looks troubled, “What’s the matter? ” I asked.

“It’s just that-” he started but cut himself off and continued,” You believe in me so much.”

“Well, is that a good thing? or no? ” I asked. Because I don’t understand him

He was just silent. Maybe he’s still thinking about the stairs incident, “mikhail.”

He looked at me, “i don’t know if i should be flattered or guilty.”

I looked at him, “be flattered!” I said in a duh tone.

We went to the training grounds and Sandy was with us, “i feel like something is going wrong.” She says.

“What?why?” I asked her.

“My visions are getting blocked.” She said. “When i’m about to get visions it gets blurry! And i black out.” She says.

I noticed that her arm has bruises, “where did you get that?” I asked her.

She looked at her arm and she was surprised, “i don’t know.” She said.

Something is definitely wrong.

Sandy focused on helping me with my upper body strength and i’m not gonna lie my hands are sore from holding on to those bars and my arms are kind of jell-o right now from lifting up my weight but this is for the best. I need to get better.

After training it was time for lunch, we went back to the castle.

“How is my beautiful mate?” Alex asks while draping an arm over my shoulder and kissing me on the forehead, i looked at him and he was looking straight into mikhail’s eyes.

When will the pissing contest stop?

“Man, do you have a problem with me or something?” Mikhail asked.

“Nothing, do you have a problem with me kissing my mate?”

“Stop it,you two.” Kade said.

“And you too! Don’t think that i don’t notice you staring at her!” He pointed accusingly at Kade.

“What the hell?! That’s such a shallow reason to start a fight?” I exclaimed.

“I’m her mate.” Alex announced as if nobody knows that.

“I’m her past mate.” Kade said glaring at Alex.

“I’m her guardian.” Mikhail said and as he chews on a apple, “ohh and her baby daddy.”

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