The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 71


This guy has been nothing but trouble since he entered our lives, and he thinks he can talk to me and disrespect me? I will not let that happen!

He looked about to murder, his eyes turned pitch black and Sandy and Kade held him back, “i’m going to kill you!” He sneered as he thrashed against the hold of those two.

I went upstairs to cool down before i do something that i will regret. As i set foot in the corridor i noticed an open door and I saw that the elders were packing their bags.

“Elder jonathan.” I called.

He popped his head out of the doorframe, “reed, what is it?”

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“We have to go.”he said in a whisper tone. “Come in.” He said.

I went in his room all of the elders are there also with alpha christopher. Elder lynus locked the door, “we have to go.”

“We haven’t packed yet.” I said calmly but inside i’m sort of panicking.

“No,reed. Just us the elders and christopher.” Elder michael said.

“The pack needs their alpha.” Alpha christopher said.

“And the council needs their elders.” Elder michael said.

“If anything happens, anything at all. You go straight to your pack in Italy. It’s much safer for you to be there.” Elder lynus said.

“Something is wrong.” I said. “Sandy’s visions are beimg blocked.”

“That means that the witches and wizards are blocking her visions.” Elder michael said.

“How can they do that?” I ask.

“Yes, it’s beyond their control-” alpha michael said but stopped and seemed like he realized something. “Either they have a mole here or they have something precious that belongs to half of her.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Her mate.” Alpha christopher said.

“Reed, you take care of Bree,okay? Also gabby.” Elder jonathan said.

I nod as they tie their clothes to their ankles. “We’ll see you soon.”

“I’ll call my pack to get us.” I said while i texted shawn to ready the jet.

They changed into their wolves and jumped out of their balcony. “Dada.”

I looked at the crib to see my baby boy. “Did you just say dada?” I said surprised and hugged him. “You’re so smart!” I said while kissing his cheek.

Gabby yawned, i carried him and swayed him until he sleeps. I opened the corridor to go out but i heard noises, i peeked in the small opening of the door to the doorframe.

I saw Alex holding Gabreelle’s elbows and pushing her to the wall, “you have a son?” He whisper-yelled enraged.

“Yes.” She says weakly and couldn’t look him eye to eye.

“You slut!” Alex exclaimed as he slaps gabreelle.

“You belong to me! And only to me!” He says as he forces himself on her.

“No,please stop.” She croaked out.

He puts his hands under her shirt she was crying snd thrashing and was begging him to stop and i couldn’t take it anymore! I pulled him off of her and feel my wolf taking over, i punched him on the jaw and punched him on his neck.

“Get your stuff and start the-” I started but she knew what to do she ran to her room as fast as she could and got out of there fast. I got gabby and his things.

He could hardly breathe and in that time i took gabby and his things. As i got out i saw Kade fighting with Alex, but kade was weaker than he was before. The veins were much longer and much redder i was going to help them but of course i’d rather protect my son.

“Hold bree! This is going to be painful for her!” Sandy yelled.

I saw a chain of silver strangle Alex and i saw sandy whispering her spells. I bolted for a run with kade and sandy trailing behind me, as we reached the van i sat in the driver’s seat and gave gabreelle our son.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She was silent, i could see that the two at the back were looking at Gabreelle.

“Goddammit bree! Tell me!”

“No i’m not!” She yelled and tears were now falling and she was now full on crying.

“I remember everything! I remember how he forced himself to me, how he stole my first kiss, how he laid a hand on me when i try to escape!i remember the way he made me beg! The way he squeezed my sides so he could make me groan! I remember that that was the reason why i blacked out! I remember!” She yelled.

The van was now quiet thanks to my stupidity. I shouldn’t have asked her forcefully, Gabby was now awake and was looking Gabreelle in the eye and laid his head on her chest.

Gabreelle stopped crying and was patting gabby’s back until both of them fell asleep.

“Reed, what happened?” Asked Kade.

“He was forcing himself on gabreelle.” I said.

“That fucker-” kade started but Sandy stopped him.

“Let’s just rest, she needs us now more than ever.” She said.

I drove for 4 hours no stopping, no slowing down until i reached a hotel that’s near LAX. I checked us in with 2 rooms, when we immediately got settled in our room i ordered room service. Gabreelle was wide awake, she wasn’t talking.


She was just staring into space, “gabreelle.” I tried again.

She just looked at me, “please eat.”

“Please, it’s hurting me that i’m seeing you this sad.” I said.

She stood up, “i’m sorry.” I said.

She looked at me with surprise. I wasn’t really one for apologizing and she knows that i’ve never said that enough and maybe that’s why she’s surprised.

She hugged me tight, “i’m just glad that you were there.” She said.

“I would’ve murdered him when i got the chance but i i needed you and gabby safe.” I said. “I’m sorry that you lost your mate.”

“He isn’t my mate.” She says.

“Gabreelle you’re just mad right now but he is-“

“He’s not my mate” She says, “if he was i would have felt the same when silver touched his skin.”

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