The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 72


I was eating when i overheard Macy talking over the phone. It has been a week of her throwing a huge fit while talking to someone on the phone, she wouldn’t say who it was or why she’s asking like she is.

As a mate it makes me feel completely useless, it’s been a month or two since i got her remains and went to the elder witches. It’s been nothing but sleeping,eating,sex,fighting,sex- it has been meaningless most of the times.

“What? Where did he go!” She exclaimed.

“Fucking- just track him!” She grunted. As she hung up the phone she yelled in frustation.

I stood up and went to her side, “are you okay? Stop stressing.” I said as i reached out to her for a hug but she pushed my arm.

“Not now,jude!” She exclaimed.

“I’m just trying to help.” I said.

“You’re not helping at all!” She yelled at my face and i noticed her that some of her hair turned gray.

“I’m sorry.” I said.

“You should be!” She sneered.

Why is my mate like this? All i’ve done is support and do whatever she wants even if it meant abandoning my own sister.

She told me these past few months before she got taken to the basement, that if something ever happened to her that her last wish is to be taken to her hometown which was Witch mountain.

Yes, she told me that she is a witch and i didn’t dare tell anyone. And yes, i was fine with being the third party when something was going on between her and Kade.

I didn’t mind because she’s my mate and i love her with all of my heart.

Now, she’s changing into someone that i don’t know anymore. I love her but sometimes i just feel that she just sleeps with me because she has nothing to do and now that i think of that it’s disgusting.

I sometimes think that it’s only a one sided mate bond but i know that the moon goddess is not like that, if it’s a matebond it should be equal.

She still hasn’t told me why she was pulverized by Alpha christopher, whenever i bring up the topic she would either change the subject or shut me up by sleeping with me.

All i know is that she needs to kill bree in order to unlock her power from her ancestors. I was very skeptical and up to now i still am, i don’t want to kill her.

I’ve been a bad brother to her but she still is my sister. Blood related or not.

As i was up on the second floor and out of Macy’s sight.I heard the double wooden doors open to see a guy who has a silver chain mark on his neck.

“Alex!” Macy exclaimed while she ran to him and hugged him.

“I feel groggy.” He said. “But i remember everything now.”

“Where is bree?” Asked Macy.

I gotta listen in on those two.

“She ran away with her guardian and two others to God knows where.” He said.

“Your- ohh no.” Macy said while tracing the silver chain marks.

“It doesn’t matter, just as long as i’m here now and with you.” He said flirting.

I could feel myself snap but i had to eavesdrop more!

Macy giggled like a highschool cheerleader i could feel myself roll my eyes in annoyance.

“Well, my little and sexy ass mate i can’t take anymore days without releasing.” The guy said.

MATE?! WHAT AM I TO HER THEN! This doesn’t make any fucking sense i am so confused!

I could now hear their sloppy kisses and grunts.

Fucking hell, she used me! I went to my room and tried to find an escape my window is barred. I got out of my room to see that the coast was clear and that macy’s room had just been locked.

I ran as fast as i could downstairs and out of the mansion. I ran to the woods but my body felt stuck and burning inside, i tried not to grunt or make any noises so the other witches won’t notice me. The fucking fake mate bond is making me weak! I shouldn’t have trusted that bitch!

I tried to get up but then i could feel myself stop from moving but the unbearable pain from macy and her mate having sex didn’t stop it became worse and i saw two witches mumbling words that i don’t understand before i could get a good look at them my body gave out.

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