The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 73


I was walking in a field, it was pretty windy but i liked it. The place was peaceful as i was enjoying the moment i saw a big tree so i walked over to see Bree.

She was beautiful as ever.

“Jude!” She called out.

I ran to her, “hey sis!”

A tear ran down my cheek, ” i’m sorry for everything!”

“It’s alright, we’re not perfect.”she says smiling. “All that matters is that you’re here now and okay!”

I hugged her tight, “i missed you.”

“I missed you too.” She said.


I pulled away from bree and saw a baby boy.

“Ohh! This is your nephew Gabby.” She said smiling at the baby boy.

The baby boy was cute i had to pinch his cheek because it looked soft as polos.

“Hi baby gabby, i’m your uncle.” I said smiling at him and hugging him.

“You can carry him.” She says.

I carried him and he was pretty heavy for a baby he was chubby, but that’s okay his cheeks are really fluffy!

“How’s it been?” I asked.

“Well, we’re on the go my mate tried to-“

I woke up cold water being thrown to me and while at it my wrists are burning in pain i shouted as the silver glazed my wrists. I looked to see that my hands were handcuffed with silver,

“You’re awake.” Macy said.

“Unfortunately.” I muttered.

“What?nevermind. Why did you try to escape?” Macy asked oblivious.

I didn’t reply, i hope that they don’t find bree.

“Jude, baby.” She cooed.

“Why am i locked in here?” I asked acting out as if i didn’t know that i wasn’t her real mate.

“Baby, i’m just making sure that you won’t runaway again.”

This bitch deserves a fucking oscar had me believimg that everything that i felt was true.

“I don’t like it here anymore.” I said. ” can’t we just go to another place?”

“We can’t, they’ll see me and kill me again.” She said.

How i loved for that to happen.

“You don’t want that happening to your mate would you?” She asked slightly pouting.

I really want that happening if she could read my mind. I didn’t reply because i don’t want to say something that i would regret,

“Baby.” She called out. “What’s wrong?”

What’s wrong? I’m fucking shackled that’s what’s wrong. Not only a bimbo but her brain cells were long dead too.

“It hurts.” I said pertaing to the handcuffs.

“Can’t i go? “I said. “You said it yourself that i don’t want you to be killed or hurt.”

But on the inside i was ready to tear down thisbitch from limb to limb.

“That won’t happen,buddy.” Said a man’s voice.

As he goes near macy i saw that he had a chain mark on his neck- macy’s real mate. At the scent of him and his fingernails, he’s a lycan.

They’re much bigger but they’re not smarter than us werewolves. Sometimes they don’t even have any power over their changed form which usually gets them killed, they go crazy whenever it’s full moon. They change even though they don’t want to and lose all their consciousness and the beasts in them ignites.

The more their consciousness fades and their inner lycan takes over, they’re a goner.

“Who’s that, macy?” I asked with clenched teeth.

“Ohh didn’t you know?” Said the lycan. “I’m her mate.” He said smirking.

I looked at macy she was smiling deviously.

“What do you want from me!” I yelled at them.

“Where’s bree?” She asks.

“How would i know?! I was with you all along!” I yelled.

“Where is she! You’re her brother! You should know something!” She yelled back, her patience gone.

“Well, looks like it’s your fault. You always had me be mad at her and spend most of my time with you, how would i know?” I said looking at the lycan.

He growled at me, “i’ll have you know that i spent a lot of my time with your sister as her mate.” He smirked but i can see through his act.

Bree isn’t some bimbo that lets guys have their way with her, she wouldn’t open her legs for any boy especially this one. I have an inkling that either bree chained him or reed chained him himself when he tried to get his way with bree.

“My sister isn’t like that.” I said. ” maybe that’s why you got your mark because you tried and you failed.” I said smirking.

He growled again, “stop it,alex.” Macy said.

“The only marks i got was on my back i got it daily before you came, you can ask the criminal herself when she begged me to fuck her again and again.” I smirked proudly.

“You fucker!” Alex growled and attacked the cage.


I contacted the elders to ask them how everything is but they said that there are problems with alpha christopher’s pack.

I asked them what’s up but they couldn’t share information, i contacted my pack to say that they need to make the guests welcome when we arrive tomorrow.

Speaking of italy, i remembered the day that gabreelle was rejected and she ran away and i followed her.

I’d be happy to go back to the time when we moved in together, i’d do whatever it takes to go back to that time.

When no one came between us except celine and that random sales associate in the department store.

I looked at gabreelle she was still sleeping her angelic face is hard not to stare at and i can’t help but smile.

As gabby was playing with his aunt sandy in their room, gabreelle was catching up on sleep right now. Gabby has been getting a lot chubbier and a lot taller, he’s talking a lot,eating a lot,sleeping a lot and playing a lot which is a good thing but a bad thing for gabreelle and i’s sleeping schedule.

I didn’t dare take a nap, i was afraid of what might happen if i do fall asleep.

Tomorrow the jet will arrive and we can go to Italy again. By then we will be much safer, and i couldn’t wait

I heard a yawn and saw gabreelle in a mid of a yawn and as she opened her eyes she saw me, “mikhail.” She said smiling.

I melt at that beautiful smile, “yes?”

“Good morning.” She said

“Good morning.” I said and smirked, “someone’s in a good mood.”

“I dreamt of something that made me happy.” She said as she got out of bed.

“Really? What did you dream of?” I asked. Now, it made me curious.

“It’s a secret that you’ll never know.” She said while grinning.

That’s not fair- “can we go to the gym?” She asked.

“Gabreelle you’ve been training for three straight days.” I said.

“I don’t want to stop.” She said as she got her workout clothes from her bag.

Seems like i can’t change her mind. I got out of bed, and got a black shirt. I took off my sweatshirt and as i was getting the black shirt that was on the bed i saw gabreelle staring.

“Like what you see?”

She blushed, and put her clothes in the laundry bag provided by the hotel.

I chuckled and put on my shirt. Gabreelle was wearing an oversized gray shirt and some black yoga pants even then she looked hotter than most girls in a bikini.

We put on our shoes and went to the gym, when we got there. “Since you’ve done your upper body training yesterday, we’ll train on offense.”

“Offense? Like punching and doing the kick ass stuff?” She asked enthusiastic i chuckled and nod.

I taught her the right way to jab,punch,hook,kick every offense move. We’ve been training for 3 hours and we definitely didn’t mind the time, gabreelle crushed the offense training.

“It’s time for breakfast.” I said while looking at my watch.

” I’m starving!” She said.

We went back to the hotel room and ordered breakfast. Gabreelle went straight to the bathroom and took a shower, kade and sandy went by to ask us permission if they could bring gabby to the breakfast buffet downstairs I’m fine with it but i’m not sure if
Gabreelle is okay with that.

“I’ll have to ask gabreelle.” I said. They nodded, “Gabreelle!” I called out i heard the shower stopped.

“Yes?” She called out.

“kade and sandy are here with gabby, they are asking permission if they can bring gabby to the breakfast buffet.” I said.

“Just tell them that they have to make sure that gabby will have no scratch,a lump or bruise because if they ever did-“

“They get the point,honey.” I teased.

Honey?!” She screeched.

Kade and sandy were laughing and i was chuckling. Gabby was smiling as if he understood everything that i said.

“I was playing.” I said.

Then i heard the shower run again, “take care of gabby,you heard the boss.” I said and kissed gabby on the forehead.

“We will.” Kade said. “Reed.”


“If i ever make it alive- will you make me Gabby’s godfather?” He asked shyly.

Kade has been great recently and has been doing a great job at protecting and helping gabreelle and i with gabby and protecting gabreelle. The least i could do is be selfish and say ‘No’ to the man who’s willing to risk his life for gabreelle and gabby because he is the past mate of the love of my life.

“Of course.” I said. “He likes you.”

“He grew up on me too.” Kade said smiling at gabby.

“I’ll go first with gabby.” Sandy said while she carried gabby from kade and went out.

“You’re lucky,dude.” Kade said. “I’d sell my soul to be with Bree.”

I don’t know what to say-

“I was really mad and in the brink of insanity when i heard that she has a baby and that she’s happy.” He said smiling sadly. “I still love her,dude. The mate bond on my end isn’t as strong as before but it’s still there and it hurts seeing her happy with another guy.”

“She is anything but happy with alex.” I said bitterly.

“Who says that i’m talking about,alex?” He says.

Then who is he talking about? Me? I doubt that.

“So, are we good? Friends?” He asks.

I nod, “friends.” I said and smiled while i shook his hand.

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