The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 74


After gabreelle walked out of the bathroom she instantly goes to her bed and lays down. “I just wanna curl myself into a ball and just die.”

I rolled my eyes, “it was your idea to train.”

“Well, i have to do it. I just can’t help but feel really tired.” I said

“You don’t have to, you wanted to.” I said as i took off my shirt and sat on my bed.

“I wanted to because i needed to. I’m not some little girl who always needs saving.” She says sternly, “and i don’t want to not be able to protect our son.” She says.

Our it sounded like music to my ears.

The food came in, and then we ate. Not a few moments later, sandy and kade came in with gabby who holding a plastic cup full of fruits.

“They let him leave with the fruits! That is so unfair.” Sandy said gabreelle and i laughed at that.

They sat down on the sofa and let gabby crawl a bit on the floor.

“So,what’s the plan?” Asked kade.

“We’re going to italy.” I said. “My pack is there-“

“Wait a minute. You have a pack?” Sandy asked.

“He’s the alpha.” Gabreelle said with her mouth full of pancakes.

“I don’t understand you,bree. But thanks for trying.” Sandy said and gabreelle chuckled and drank her water.

“I said that he’s the alpha.” Gabreelle said.

“You left your pack to be with bree, that’s so sweet.” Sandy said.

“What time are we going to italy?” Kade said.

“Before dinner time.” I said.

“Where in italy?” Sandy asked seems that she’s excited.

“In milan.” Gabreelle said.

“Is the pizza great? Or pasta? Man i’m pumped!” She exclaimed.

Gabreelle laughed at Sandy’s excitement. We finished our breakfast and we left our dish plates outside.

“So,what’s the plan?” Sandy asked.

“Plan as in itenerary?” Kade joked and sandy glared at him. We all chuckled except sandy.

“I meant, when we get there what do we do? Do we inform them what happened? Do we tell them all about bree and Gabby? Do we-“

“It’s alright,sandy. I already told them about gabreelle and gabby. You don’t need to worry about that, we focus on getting new allies and train hard to protect gabreelle and gabby.” I said and she nodded.

“As for you,kade. I have a pack member who can help you with your condition.” I said as i remembered Bartholomew.

“Really? I can fight this? Is it really possible?”he asked surprised.

“Yes, now you both rest up so we can eat lunch together. Some of my pack members will arrive soon.” I said.

“Noted.” Kade said and both of them got out of the room.

I looked at Gabreelle who was beside a sleeping gabby on her bed.

“What do you feel about going back to milan?” I asked her.

“Well, it’s the start of classes i’m really excited” She replied.

Shit. I forgot that she enrolled in Instituto Marangoni!

“Am i not allowed to go to class?” She asked.

“No, why would i stop you?” I asked.

“Because we’re on the run.” She said skeptical, “aren’t you mad that i asked?” She asked.

“Why would i be mad?” I ask her.

“You’re always like ’ you’re safety is my number one priority gabreelle ’ ” she said in a mocking tone, “that’s why i’m surprised that you’re not mad.”

“If you really want to study i can still protect you there.” I said.

“But i already sent a letter to the dean’s office regarding my enrollment.” She said.

“What?! Why? You wanted this for so long.” I said.

“Well, i’d want to be alive to see gabby grow up rather than me getting what i want and risking my life.” She says.

“What did you write to the dean?”

“I said that i’m not going to be able to study this semester but i will be enrolling again. They replied so no worries my studies will be fine.” She said while looking at gabby and running her hand through his hair.

Then the room fell silent, i don’t have any words to say but if i were in her shoes i’d do the same for her and gabby too. The silence of the room isn’t awkward it’s kind of a nice silence.

“I’m going to take a shower.”i said to her smiling. It wasn’t necessary to tell her but i do anyways.

I went to the bathroom and took a 10 minute hot shower to relax my body and when i was finished i pat myself dry and wore a shirt and some boxer shorts.

When i got out of the room i saw gabreelle staring at the ceiling, “what are you thinking about?” I asked her as i lied down on my bed.

“How it would be easier if i wasn’t around.”

“Why would you think about that? Gabreelle we’re here fighting for you, please don’t think about that.” I said.

“I’m not worth fighting for.” She said.

“You are.” I said.

“I don’t even know what my purpose is!” She exclaims in frustration. I scooped over the bed so i could be near gabreelle,

“Shh stop stressing.” I said as i caressed her arm.

“It just feels-” she stopped and she screamed.

What the fuck is happening!

She rolled over to the ground and was curled into a ball, “it hurts!” She screamed.

“What hurts!” I exclaimed.

She was hugging her stomach, i took of her hands and pulled up her shirt. I saw a lot of bruises my eyes widen in shock.

She was sweating so much that her whole body is soaked in sweat, she was crying. “It’s so hot! Please make it stop.” She pleaded.

I did the only rational thing to do, i took of her shirt and sweatpants and carried her to the bathtub and opened the shower to let cold water on her.

She was still crying and groaning in pain, it breaks my heart to see her like this. I took off my shirt and went in the bathtub with her, i hugged her.

“It hurts so much,mikhail.” She said before she screams in pain again.

That fucker is having sex with another woman

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