The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 75


She was crying while i was holding her, the pain for her must be so unbearable. I have experienced that first hand but no one came to my rescue.

The bathroom was now quiet from her cries,groans and screams so maybe she’s now okay.

“Gabreelle, do you want to have an ice pack for your stomach?” I asked her. I received no reply from her,

“gabreelle?” I ask. I turned off the shower,stood up and carried her and layed her down on the bathroom floor. I checked her pulse, she’s alive but not breathing.

I performed CPR on her, not giving up and not stopping.

“Don’t you die on me,gabreelle.” I said.

What felt like hours of performing CPR, she suddenly inhaled and woke up.

I hugged her tight, “don’t scare me like that again.”

She hugged me back, “he had sex with another girl.” She said emotionless.

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. I just nod at her, “just when i thought that second mates are not going to be like the first ones.”

“It’s going to be alright, you don’t need that asshole in your life.” I said. “You have me and gabby.”

She looked at me searching for something in my eyes, “thank god that i have you both.” She says.

I stood up and helped her up, i got a towel and draped it around her back. I wrapped another one around my waist. We then walked out of the bathroom, we decided to rest and sleep it all out. Of course we changed our clothes before we slept, after a few hours of napping i woke up to my phone vibrating. I looked at the screen and saw that it was Sean, i answered.

“Alpha, we’re almost there give us an hour.” He said.

“Okay.” I said. “That’s good to know,sean.”

“Where should we meet?” He asked.

“In our hotel.” I said, “we’re in room 703.”

“We’re coming,bro.” He said. “Don’t you worry.”

“Thanks,bro.” I said and hung up.

I let out a sigh, “dadadada.”

I looked over at gabreelle’s bed and saw gabby awake and was talking to himself. I got up and saw that my son was looking at his mom and was talking non stop. I didn’t want to wake up gabreelle, she’s been through so much i should let her rest. I carried him and took him to my bed,

“We’ll let mom rest,okay?” I talked to him

Then he grinned at me with his gummy smile, he still has no teeth which melts my heart to see his cute and adorable smile.

We bonded and played until my phone vibrated again and answered, “sean?”

“Alpha, we’re already here in the lobby. We’re coming up there right now.” He said. I looked at gabreelle who now in a sitting position.

“Okay.” I said and hung up.

“They’re here?” She asks.

“Yes they are. Let me call sandy and kade.” I said as i sit down on the edge of the right side of my bed and dialed their room number, they answered right away.

“Hello?” Asked kade.

“Kade, you and sandy pack up and go to our room. My beta is here now.

“On it.” He said and he hung up on me.

After a few minutes, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw Sean and martin my beta and my warrior. “Come in.” I said.

They went in and saw Gabreelle and gabby, “hey bree!” Sean greeted.

Gabreelle smiled at him,”nice to see you again,sean.” She said.

“Gabreelle this is one of my pack warriors Martin.” I said.

“Nice to meet you,martin.” She said as she shook hand with him.

“And i you.” He replied while bowing with respect.

Then we heard another doorbell. I opened the door and saw sandy and kade with their backpacks on their back. They went in, i introduced them to Sean and Martin.

I ordered room service for our lunch. We ate our lunch here in the room and after that we checked out and immediately went to LAX. We got our passports ready and went to our jet and straight to milan we go.

When we were in the jet, gabreelle and i were sitting across each other. Gabby was with sandy and kade who are playing, now that i think of it. Gabby is such a femenine nickname.



“Don’t you think Gabby is a feminine name?” I asked her.

She opened her mouth to protest but then she got her thinking face on.

“Yeah it is.” She said sheepishly.

“It’s cute though. I just don’t want our baby to be ashamed of the nickname that we gave him when he gets older.” I said.

“You make a good point. ” she says, “how about Gabe?”

“That sounds perfect.” I said.

She smiled and rested her head on the pillow that i gave her when we settled in on our seats.

“Hey kade and sandy. We decided to call him Gabe instead of Gabby.”

“Okay!” They said in unison.

A few hours in and Gabreelle starts to feel hot again because she got out of the blanket that i gave her and her eyes are squeezed shut and she was sweating so much.

Again?! Really alex?!

I took off my seatbelt and took off gabreelle’s as well. I mindlinked martin Give me a bucket of ice and a towelette now,martin!

I carried Gabreelle and put her on my lap, and tears started to fall on her face. “Where does it hurt?” I ask.

“Everywhere.” She said in a strained voice.

Martin was now in front of us and gave us the towelette and the ice bucket. Bruises were now forming on her thighs which were showing because she was wearing shorts at the same time bruises were now showing on her neck and arms.

I put two ice cubes on a towelette and closed it and was wiping it in circles on her neck and on her arms.

“Gabreelle?” I ask.

She groans, “fight it, c’mon. You can do it, don’t you pass out. Show him you can do it.”

She screamed so loud and so powerful that all of us had to bow our heads to her.

“What’s happening to bree?” Asked sandy.

“That fucking lycan is fucking someone right now!” I growled.

Then i heard gabreelle in pants and her eyes were now relaxed. She’s done it

“You did it.” I said. “You fought it.”

“I did?” She asks.

“Yes you did,silly.” I said wiping her sweat. “That or either your fucking mate couldn’t last 5 minutes in bed.”

That fucker is going to get it and i will make sure that he will pay for everything that he has done.

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