The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 77


It has been a stressful past few days for me and my friends who i count as my family, i haven’t dreamt about jude last night. I miss him so much i wish that macy hasn’t laid a hand on him.

After breakfast, we went straight to the grocery store to buy diapers for Gabe and his baby formula.

Sandy has been really happy, but i can sense that somehow she’s hiding something from me.

I’ll have to ask her that later but right now i just want to be able to rest and possibly train tomorrow. In the middle of grocery shopping Sandy passed out.

“Sandy!” I yelled and ran to her.

I saw that her body is bruising all over. Her eyes are open but the normal ocean blue eyes were blank and she was whispering incoherent things and was twitching. Ohh goddess please help my friend.

After a few seconds she took a long intake of breath.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Macy knows about Gabe.”

I looked at Mikhail, “what do we do?”

“I have an idea but it won’t be pleasant for both of us” he said.

I nod at him with my teeth clenched, “sean, pay for the groceries we’ll be going home first.”

“I understand,bro. Go.” He said.

We rushed to the car and as mikhail was driving, “who did you see tell her?” Mikhail asked

“I didn’t see anything. My visions were clouded.” She said in a confused face

I fell silent, i could see mikhail’s knuckles were white while gripping the stirring wheel, i touched his other hand that was resting and he looked at me and his gaze softened and so does his jaw that’s been clenched.

“It will be fine.” I told him.

He gave me a nod and drove to the pack house. Which i have never gone to before, because last time when we were in Milan we were living in a condominium.

When the car went through the high open golden gates i couldn’t help but gawk, “beautiful.” I muttered.

I noticed that he didn’t let my hand go even if he had to use his hand. I feel my cheeks flush, i often wonder how life would be if we were second chance mates and alex not even in the picture.

It would be much easier.

My mind is awfully quiet this past week, i haven’t heard from Kat yet. Which is weird for me because she always butts in when i’m thinking about mikhail.

When he parked the car, we went out and when we went in the pack house all of the pack members were ther holding up their welcome to . Of course celine was there glaring at me, “hey.” Mikhail said bringing my attention to him.

“Yes?” I asked.

“They like you already.”he said smiling at me.

“I have an inkling that not all of them does.” I said looking at celine.

“Don’t mind her.” he said. “Besides you’re sleeping with me.”

Celine growled, this bitch acts like they’re mates. I looked at her and raised a brow we stare at each other she tried to dominate but she couldn’t all her trying lead to her bowing her head down in defeat.

We went to our respective rooms mikhail wanted us to have a room of our own so he could watch over us.

“So,what’s the plan that you thought about on how to keep gabe safe?” I asked.

He looked at me worried and sad. He let out a breath and said “i can have nonna and nonno go to spain so they’d be away from milan and out of macy’s reach.” He said.

I felt my chest tighten, my baby boy will be away from me.

“I’ll contact a friend of mine who’s the alpha of the biggest pack in Spain.” He said.

Tears fell down on their own accord, i have to be strong for gabe. I have to be.

“Alright.”i said as i wipe my tears.

“It’s not easy for me as well, gabreelle.” He said hugging me then kissing the top of my head.

At least we have each other.

After contacting mikhail’s friend, we went to mikhail’s grandparents room. Where they were playing with gabe,

“He’s such a happy baby isn’t he?” Francisco said.

“He is.” I said smiling. They were having a lot of fun.

“Nonna, nonno. We need your help.” Mikhail said.

“In what way?” Francisco asks.

“If you must know Gabreelle is the moon goddess’ daughter. A witch is trying to kill her, someone spilled the information that we have a son.”

“We really want gabe safe from everything.” I said.

“I already contacted Mario.” Mikhail said.

“We’ll help! Don’t you both worry. We’re going to take good care of Gabe.” Yvonne said.

We helped them pack and sean and martin escorted them to the jet and flew them to Spain. We both went back to Mikhail’s room and i lied down the bed and dozed off to sleep.

I could hear sounds of chains and groans.

I woke up and looked outside the window and saw that it was already morning. What kind of dreams am i having? This is more like fifty shades of grey now.

I changed into my workout clothes which was the usual oversized tee and yoga pants. I checked my phone and saw Yvonne’s message which was a picture of them 3 in Spain i smiled as i texted her back.

I went down and saw Mikhail sweating shirtless and wearing sweat shorts. I gawk at the sight, it’s not like i’ve never seen him shirtless but damn.

“Like what you see?” He said smiling and wiggling his eyebrows.

I coughed “ehh.” I said in my okay voice.

He chuckled, “i see right through you.”

“If you see right through me you’d know what i want to do right now.” I said then i drank a glass full of water.

He walked towards me not breaking eye contact, my heartbeat sped up and i feel kind of hot. Do not give in i chant to myself.

“Something tells me that you want to do something different.” He says as he notices my breathing.

I try not to be obvious and try to calm down, “you want to train.” He says.

I hit his arm and stomped away outside the pack house.

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