The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 78


That jerk had the nerve to play with my feelings! It’s hard to act like you don’t feel that you love them. Especially when the moon goddess assigns you mate who keeps on fucking someone.

This is intentional, i can feel it.

This was different than the first time, it was like they really wanted me to feel it. Also, i can’t feel katrina for a long time now.

It’s been months since i last let my wolf free but i do know that it is for the best to hide it, you never know when someone can betray a pack and leak information like what happened to us.

Somebody decided to tell that i had a son. My son, my baby…. i miss gabe so much. He’s too young to be brought into this mess. He deserves a much peaceful environment and a peaceful life.

“Gabreelle!” Mikhail called out.

I ran as fast as i could around the field and mikhail couldn’t catch up. When i slowed down he catched up with me, ” i’m sorry.” He said.

“Stop playing with my feelings like that!” I shouted at him.

He looked astonished, “gabreelle… i’m sorry.”

I screamed and launched at him, punched him in the chest,kneed him on the stomach, he tried his best to block every kick and punch but i was faster. I occasionally slapped him for trying to lead me on, then sll of the stress got to me and i weeped and tried to punch his chest again and again. My knees gave out,

“I don’t want this anymore i don’t want to feel any of this anymore.” I cried.

“Don’t say that.” He said and hugged me and caressed her arm. “Don’t ever say that.”

“It hurts! Don’t you fucking understand?! I don’t want this anymore! I can’t take away the pain!” I shouted.

“You really want to take away the pain?” He asks.

“Either that’s a stupid question or your deaf.” I said.

“Don’t get your panties in a twist.” He said. “Come on, let’s train.” He said while he kissed my forehead.

I started to calm down a little just a little.

We walked to the training grounds and as we walked in silence i could feel how selfish i sounded earlier. “Mikhail.”


“I’m sorry for earlier.” I said and looked at him. I noticed the bruises on his arms and underneath his shirt’s neck line. My eyes widen in surprise and guilt is eating me up inside, “i’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’s understandable.” He said smiling and put an arm around my shoulder.

“I’m sorry for being selfish.” I said as tears start to fall again. Shit i feel like a crybaby now. ” and for being emotional.”

“Mi amor, i told you it’s alright.” He says as he stopped walking and was in front of me, he wiped the tears that are on my face.

“You still look stunning even when you fight and cry.” He says grinning at me.

Well, there goes the butterflies again. I hugged him, “i don’t deserve you.”

“No,it’s the other way around.” He said as he tightens the hug.

“You’ll always have my heart.” I said.

“I’ll take good care of it then.” He says as he kissed the top of my head and then we went to training.

When we went to the training grounds, “you did a pretty good job earlier.” mikhail said, “but when it happens in the battlefield you should never fight blind.”


“Blinded by your emotions.” Mikhail said.

I gave him a nod and stretched then started to cross the longest monkey bars that i have ever seen.

“You can do it.” mikhail cheered.

After i finished the monkey bar, “now go back to where you started.” Mikhail said.

What! My hands are beat right now.

But i got no time to complain and bitch around. I’m not that kind of girl and i will never be that kind of girl. I did it faster than i was earlier this time, “come on.”mikhail cheered and i reached where i first started.

“Now, defend yourself.” He said then launched at me.

I blocked every thing that he did, “fight!” I exclaimed

“How am i going to fight their best warrior if you keep treating me like this.” I said.

He inhaled and then his attacks were now violent and fast, but not enough. “Is that all you got?” I riled him up.

He growled and he really really went for it teying to find my weak spot. I wasn’t as strong as him but i’m so much faster than him.

What felt like minutes to us was actually hours, we never stopped and i just kept blocking his every move and when i noticed that he was slightly slowing down amd his breathing was kind of ragged i took that as an opportunity to fight him and sock him on the face.

He fell down on his butt holding his nose “oh my goodness.” I said and sat beside him.

He chuckled, “i’m fine.”

It was then that i noticed thst the warriors are circled around us, “why alpha, you’ve found your match.” Said sean.

“All this time i’ve been looking in the wrong place.” Mikhail said smiling.

“You’re ready.” They said.

I smiled at them, “thank you,guys.” I said.

I continued to spar with 5 of them at the same time, but then the feeling hit me again. I could feel the blood drain from my face as i could feel the burning sensation on my stomach that is spreading like wildfire all over my body, i tried to resist the pain but it was unbearable for me.

I shouted as i felt hot all over and teying to dodge their attacks along with Alex fucking another girl again! I screamed as i gave my all to those five who were teaming up against me.

They either got socked on the face,hit on the crotch or
punched on the throat.

Mikhail clapped, “that was awesome.” He said grinning and when he really set his eyes on me. “Ohh no.”

My visions were starting to get blurry, “i’m feeling dizzy.” I said.

Mikhail was by my side in an instant, “give me water now!”

Jon gave him a plastic cup full of cold water, i downed it in an instant. I felt a little better, “did he do it again?”

I nod at him and wiped my sweat. “I’m fine now.” I said.

“That’s my girl.” He said grinning.

My girl

Damn mikhail making me blush so much.

We went back to the pack house to eat breakfast and after that i went up to the room to take a bath. I took a long hot shower and that made me relax and release some od my stress.

Once i was dry and i got into my clothes which was a large white shirt and my denim high waisted shorts. My shirt smells very unusual, i smelled it again and went out to the room.

“You look good in my shirt.” Mikhail said while he was shirtless and wearing gray cotton sweat shorts leaning on the wall of the room drying his hair with a towel.

I blushed, stop it bree

I got my phone and called Yvonne and put it on loudspeaker “yvonne?”

“Hey,bree! We miss you a lot! We’re shopping!” She said excited. “Please call me Nonna.” She says.

“Nonna.” I tested the word i smiled, “how have things been?”

“We settled in okay.” She said. “Francisco has been spoiling Gabe feeding him anything and everything. We also bought a camera! Isn’t that great?”

“That’s nice, nonna. We miss you” Mikhail said while sitting beside me.

“Ohh, mi dolce amor. We miss you a lot too.” Nonna said.

“Is that bree and reed?” Francisco asked.

“Yes.” Said nonna.

“We’re fine.” Francisco said, “well there’s just one issue.”

Me and mikhail looked at each other, “what issue?” We both said at the same time.

“Why can you call Yvonne Nonna and me just by my name? You should call me Nonno.” He said.

Me and mikhail let out a breath of relief, “then i’ll call you nonno starting from now.” I said as i chuckled.

“Mamamamamama.” We heard.

“Is that gabe?” I asked.

“Say hello to your mama and papa, little gabe.” Nonna said.

“Mamamamamama.” He said through the phone.

Ohh how i miss that chubby bubbly baby. I grinned and a tear fell, “hi baby.” I said.

“Hi!” Mikhail butted in.

“We miss you so much!” We said.

“Dadadada.” He said again.

“Dada’s here too.” Mikhail said.

“You both don’t have to worry. We’re safe here.” Nonno said.

“We’ll contacxct you again tomorrow.” Nonna said.

“Take care,please” i said.

“We will.” Both Nonna and Nonno said. Then they hung up.

“Do you want an ice pack?” He asks.

I nod, my bruises are still hurting. Ohh goddess, please just give me a sign.

All you need is to ask my daughter

I heard the familiar voice of my mother and just like that, i dozed off to sleep.


Macy was channeling all her anger on me by torturing me. Well, this is what i get for being violent to bree for these past years.

I’m sorry bree, i’m sorry goddess

“You can kill me, but i swear to goddess. I will make sure you pay when you even touch a hair on my sister.” I gritted through clenched teeth.

“Ohh really?” She asks as she whipped me again, “your sister will die when we find her.”

“You don’t even know where to find her.” I said.

She slapped me hard. “And the fake mate bond? It’s slowly fading. When it does bree will know who her true mate is.”

“Not when Alex marks me tomorrow.” She grins deviously.

I growled at her and got up and tried to fight the silver, “you imbecile! you’re just making it worse for yourself.” She spat at me.

“Anyway, if we can’t find her we will find a way to make her come to us instead.” She said talking to herself. Then she looked at me,

“It won’t be too long now.” She said. “You’ll die any moment now.”

I know, if this is what i get for treating my sister wrong all these years then i’ll take it. I’ll take it for the sake of her.

Goddess, please bless my sister with protection from macy, her witches and alex’s lycans. Please, i know that i’ve made mistakes i’m sorry.

I can feel myself slowly drifting away from this world, i couldn’t even bear to open my eyes.

I just wish that i could see bree forgive me in person before i die, and wish to hold my nephew before i die.

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