The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 79


While gabreelle was sleeping, i admired her. This girl is the strongest girl i have ever met in my entire life, who else would fight the pain while training. Who does that? Only gabreelle fucking somers.

The bruises were marks that her mate was a pussy.

He doesn’t have the balls. Why moon goddess? Why would you pair her with that kind of man?

I could treat her better, hell i even love her more than i love myself. Why is it not me? Of all the guys that you could have picked for her why is it not me?

My dear, reed. You question so much. You’ll find out the truth very soon.

Goddess? Please come back! I have a lot of questions.

I know all of your questions and my answer to all of it is you’ll find out very soon.

What does that mean?

I lied down on my bed and thought about what the goddess said. I looked over at Gabreelle and went to a deep slumber.

I woke up at 7 o’clock in the evening the same as Gabreelle. When we went downstairs we found kade talking to the warriors and then we ate dinner.

“Where’s sandy?” Asked gabreelle.

“She’s in her room, she said that she wanted to rest ’cause she feels really light headed.” Kade said.

“I’ll check up on her.” Gabreelle said while she jogged up the stairs again.

After a few minutes, “Mikhail!” She screamed.

Gabreelle! I ran and was there by her side in an instant. I saw Sandy with her eyes open and her eyes were vacant.

I checked her pulse and saw that it was still beating, “she’s still alive but she’s not here.” I said

Gabreelle broke down, “she has bruises all over her body.”

“Either macy has something to do with this or…”


“Her mate is in pain- in a great amount of pain.” I said.

“Ohh no.” Gabreelle said as she looked at me.

She stood up, “i feel something is wrong.” She said and it looked like it did. She looked pale and she ran out of the room and to the bathroom i followed her.

She threw up, i held her hair up. “Are you pregnant?”

She slapped my shoulder, “are you stupid?of course i’m not! I’m a virgin!” She spat at me and then puked on the toilet bowl again.

I mindlinked Eddie to get water, “don’t you worry.” I said to gabreelle.

After 30 minutes she’s still at it. “I can’t do this anymore.” She said. As i looked at her, blood was dripping from her nose and from her mouth.

“Sean! Kade!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. Within a minute they were here.

They were as shocked as i was. “Get a bucket!”

This is worse than i thought. I mindlinked the pack doctor Mr. Cooper and told him to ready the clinic because gabreelle was vomitting blood.

Goddess please please please don’t let this be the end of Gabreelle.

We rushed to the clinic and when we did she just kept on vomitting. Her face pale and she was cold and sweating, “gabreelle don’t you die on me.” I said as i laid her down the hospital bed.

She spat out blood from her mouth, her hand reached to mine. “In case i don’t make it-“

“Don’t say that.” I said my chest tightening making it harder for me to breathe.

“In case.” She said and then she spat more blood. The nurses cleaned her mouth and neck. “Tell our son that i loved him ’til my last breath.”

I nod at her, “i will.”

“And you.”

Me? Am i hearing it right? “Me?”

“Yes, you.” She said and coughed again. “I love you.”


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