The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 8


I can’t believe it she’s going to Europe, but why would she go that far! I won’t be able to see her that much.

‘cause you let her be bullied in school and in the pack house’

I didn’t mean to.

‘Because of you we won’t be with our mate for too long.’

Was it really my fault?

I burried my face in my pillow and yelled at it like it’d make my mate stay. I hate myself for not doing anything back then, I hate myself knowing that I could have made the bullying stop but I couldn’t. I grabbed a fist full of hair, yanked it and punched the wall. “FUCK!”

Somebody barged in my room, I sniffed it’s scent and I instantly knew that it was Macy judging by the cheap perfume. “What do you fucking want!”

“I want you, baby.” She purred seductively.

“I don’t want you! Leave me alone.” I said. I’m still affected by my mate who’s going to leave this pack to go.

“You will want me.” She said.

“I have my mate already just go now I don’t need you.” I said turning around to face her.


I plated the food and went upstairs, and I overheard Kade and Macy talking,

“Just leave me alone, Macy! Please! My mate won’t like this just go outside and do your thing! Stop bothering me, I don’t want you anymore. I never even liked you one bit.” Kade said, it made my heart swell knowing that he thought of me even though he was upset with me.

Macy was whispering incoherent words, I looked through the door that was slightly open. And then she snapped her fingers,

She whisper-yelled “Why is it not working!” Was expecting something to happen when she snap her fingers?

I knocked on the door, “ Kade. ” I said. Pretending that I didn’t hear a thing, “Oh Macy, There you are. Christopher wanted you to clean the bathrooms.” I said.

Macy clenched her teeth and when she walked past through me she bumped my shoulders purposely.

“Was that supposed to affect me? It doesn’t.” I said. Kade laughed,

“Ughh!” She stomped her way out of the room.

“Thanks.” Kade said smiling at me, and then he frowned.

“I think you’re bipolar, Kade. One moment you were mad and then you’re laughing and at one moment you were smiling but now you’re frowning.” I said closing the door.

“It’s because of me.” He said.


“It’s because of me that you were leaving.” He said.

“N-no, it’s not.” I said.

“If I had done something back then, if I had done something to stop the bullying would it make you stay?”

“Maybe.” I said.

He sighed, ” I’m sorry, Gabreelle.”

I cringed hearing him call me by my full name but coming from him makes me want to hear him say my full name more.

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