The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 80


She said it, the word that i wanted to hear for a very long time.

“I love you .” I said. “I love you, okay? Don’t you dare die on me when we just confessed our feelings.” I said to her as the doctors check her vitals and put dextrose on her and a blood pack.

She had the nerve to chuckle even if it was weak, she did anyway. ” i wish i had the courage to tell you that i love you.”

“You don’t fucking know how much i am regretting that i didn’t say anything from before.” I said. “What matters is now.”

She smiled weakly and closed her eyes. “Don’t sleep,gabreelle!” I said to her.

“Just for a little bit.” She mumbled.

“No!” I shouted. I lightly tapped her cheeks, “come on please don’t sleep. You won’t wake up again.”

She was now very pale, her lips are chapped and blue-ish. She squeezed my hand and opened her eyes she let go of my hand and was now holding both my cheeks in her hands, she looked at every inch of my face.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Memorizing every part of your face.” She said.

“For what?”

“So, i won’t forget you.” She said. It was the moment that really broke me, tears were now falling on my cheeks.

“You don’t have to, you’ll live.” I said.

“If i a going to why do i feel like i’m slowly fading away?” She asked.

She kissed my forehead, “i love you.” She whispered.

Then the monitor beeped long and the lines were now straight signalling that she has no heartbeat. I thrashed and shouted. Sean and Kade helped me to stop thrashing but the crying continued.

“She’s alive.” Dr. Cooper said.

I went next to him, “look at her eyes.” He said.

I did and i saw that her eyes were vacant just like Sandy but the difference is she has no pulse.

“What does this mean?”

“A lot of loss and stress can cause someone to release their spirit from their body and into the other world.” Dr. Cooper said.

“How can it get back again?” I asked.

“If she wants to live she’ll go back.” Dr. Cooper. “If she doesn’t…”

Oh my goddess, then all the memories came back to me of when she always said that she doesn’t want to live anymore.

“I need to get some air.” I said, i looked at gabreelle and kissed her cold forehead.

I walked out of the clinic to take off my clothes and tied it to my ankle. I changed into my wolf and ran around for hours. It came to the point that i reached my condominium the first one we lived in before someone trespassed and wanted to get gabe. I changed into human form and wore my clothes.

I broke down and ran around again and this time i stopped at the river where Gabreelle jumped and saved Gabe.

Gabe, i have to go back home to call nonna and nonno.

I ran back to the pack house and went to my room, i grabbed my phone and called Nonna.

“Hello?” Nonna said.

“Hi nonna, how are you guys doing?”

I could hear gabe’s laugh in the background.

“We’re great! Gabe just peed on your nonno’s favorite shirt.” She said laughing and i smiled but my heart is still breaking.

“Ohh no.” Nonna said. ” what happened?”

“What? How’d you know?”

“I practically raised you.” Nonna said. “So spil lthe beans.”

“It’s gabreelle.” I said.

“Is she dead?”

“If she doesn’t want to come back to her body she will.”

“Ohh goddess.” She said and sighed, “the goddess will find a way. If it’s meant to be then she will come back.”

“Nonna, she said that she loves me.”

“I already know.” She said.

“What? She told you?”

“No, but i can see it and feel it. You’re too dumb to notice it.” She said.

I was too dumb to notice it. Fucking hell.

“Nonna, i’ll just rest for a bit.” I said. “But before that can i talk to my son?”

“Of course.” She said then i heard “dadadadada.” I smiled.

“Hi there,buddy.” I said. “we miss you a lot.”

“He’s kissing the phone!” Nonno said laughing. I laughed.

“Aww.” I said chuckling then i remembered Gabreelle. “We’ll see you soon buddy. I love you.. we love you so much-Me and your mama.” I said.


I chuckled, “You take care of Nonna and Nonno okay? Don’t be a pain in the butt. Ciao, il mio dolce amore.”

Then i hung up. I took a shower and when i got dressed and went to my office, i heard a knock.

“Come in.” I said.

Then i saw Celine strut in, “condolence,alpha.” She said trying to be symphathetic but i see right through her act.

I was silent i was thinking if she had a motive to do something with what happened with Gabreelle. I mindlinked Dr. Cooper to ask if there something unusual with Gabreelle because i think they did test her earlier. While i was waiting for his answer,

“She died too soon.” I said.

“It was such a petty move for Kade to do something like that.” She said.

“Kade? What does kade have to do with this?” I asked. This girl is fucking mental if she thinks that i’d believe her. I talked to kade before coming to Italy, we were friends now.

“Isn’t bree his ex mate?” She said. “I’m sure that jealousy had took over him and made him do that. I heard him say ‘if i can’t get her to be mine nobody can have her.’ I’m sorry alpha.” She says.

“ex mate?” I asked. “How did you know that Kade is Gabreelle’s ex mate?”

She looked surprised for a moment and regained her composure, “ohh.. ughh- it was… Him. I ughh i definitely heard him say that.” I mindlinked Kade and asked him.

“What do you think we should do to the one who killed gabreelle?”

“We should kill him.” She says with a glint in her eyes.

Why would i do that to bree? I love her too much to do that and if i ever do that i’d lose my spirit along with hers. Kade said

We found something Dr. Cooper said and divulged information,

I balled my fists and i clenched my jaw. I saw celine looking innocent as she was sitting on the chair in front of me.

Did you ever tell her that you’re bree’s ex mate? I asked Kade.

Am i stupid? Of course not. It’s like i’m openly telling people that i’m proud of rejecting her. Kade said.

“The food was great.” I said hoping to make her tell the truth.

“Really? I made it.” She says smiling.

And that was all i need to know. I stood up from my chair and she was frozen sitting on hers watching me with her heart racing, i chose to stop in front of her she was looking up at me her hands runnihg upto my torso. “Finally.”she muttered.

I captured her hands made her stand up and brought her outside the room where my warriors are including kade.

“Wha-” she was at lost for words.

“Anyone who tries to kill or who kills the goddess’ daughter shall be killed.” Kade said.

“The dinner was nice it was such a shame that you put wolfsbane in gabreelle’s food.” I said.

She smirked, “she deserved it.”

She chuckled, “At least now that she’s gone i can be in peace. If i can’t have you, she can’t. She took you away from me, mikhail.”

“You have no right to call me that name!” I shouted with so much power that she was on her knees including the warriors.

“Do you know who Macy Richards is?” I asked.


“One more lie, celine. One more lie and i will have you die a painful death!”

“Yes, she was the one who instructed me to put wolfsbane and powdered silver on her food.” She says.


“Because i love you!” Celine said.

“It was such a stupid question to ask.” I muttered to myself. “Martin,kade you know what to do.”

As i go down the flight of stairs i could her Celine’s muffled cries and a loud crunch of bones breaking. I went to gabreelle.

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