The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 81


I woke up to a very peaceful place, i am on a field. It has been so long since i have felt peace, am i dead?

“You’re not.” Said jude.

“Jude!” I ran to him and hugged him.

“Why are you here?” He asks.

“I think i’m dead.” I said. “Are you dead?”

“I think so.” He says.

“Where have you been?” I asked him. “Why haven’t you come back to the pack?”

“Macy’s keeping me captive.” He said, “that bitch had the nerve to put a fake mate bond spell on me.”

That girl will go to any extent just to get what she wants. “Where are you? I mean where’s your body?”

“Witch mountain.” he said.

Of course they’re in witch mountain, why didn’t we think about that before?

“Should we go back?” He asks.

“I don’t know. I kind of like it here.” I said.

“Yeah, me too. It’s been awhile since i have felt free and at peace.”

“Would there be a difference if we didn’t come back?” I asked.

Yes there is. A voice that i’ve known said.


I had Gabreelle’s body in my bed beside me. I was laying in bed looking at the ceiling replaying in my head the memory of her saying I love you.

This feeling i have for Gabreelle is different than i had with Cynthia, it’s really confusing because Cynthia was my mate back then.

As i thought about that name again i dozed off while remembered everything that happened between us that had made me believe that i would never fall in love again.

It has been days since i’ve been seeing Cynthia. It has been days of her teasing me not even kissing me, or mating with me. She hasn’t even

“I don’t drink.” I said to cynthia.

“Just a little bit for me.” She said pleading.

And i did, i drank a little then it became a lot and it became too much.

As i was passed out the hurting feeling of something burning in my stomach that is spreading all over my body.

It became a habit, every other day we’d drink and as i was passed out i will get that feeling… every damn time. It happened for months not suspecting a thing, not asking my grandmother,parents or friends for help. We haven’t even properly talked for an hour it would always be drinking and drugs that i would have never thought of trying.

She accepted to be in my pack as long as she can bring her rogue friends with her, there’s this one friend of hers that always gives me an attitude. It was their rogue alpha,

Until one day,

“Reed! I have great news!” She exclaimed.

“What is it?” I ask her as i was sitting on my bed hung over.

“I am bearing a pup- our pup.” She said grinning.

Our? We haven’t even mated yet. She did underwent heat but…. i was drunk and i would have known that i mated with her because as they say if your mate undergoes heat you’d be in a state of being unstable nd you’d mark your mate.

But i didn’t mark her.

We haven’t even kissed.

I went to the CCTV Room. I asked them for all the footage of Cynthia and I drinking. She left me after me being passed out. I immediately went to my room where i left her earlier.

“We never kissed.” I said.

“We did, it was when you were drunk.” She said.

Fucking liar.

“Can you just stop lying? I already know about Gerald.” I said.

She acted surprised, “No, it’s not true.”

“Why? Because your rogue alpha can’t support your financial needs as i could? Fuck you!”

“I Cynthia Kirkland reject you Reed Mikhail Storm as my mate!” She shouted in anger. “You’re fucking ugly and not an alpha anyway!”

“I fucking accept it! I fucking accept it!” I said as i groan out the pain of having something twist in my stomach. This is why i didn’t tell her that i was an alpha, this fucking shallow bitch is getting in my nerves!

She went out of my room not giving a fuck about how i was feeling. The next day Sean and I had a ceremony on the full moon to officially be Beta and Alpha of the pack and that was also the day where Gerald found out who his mate was and accepted her.

That night as i was sleeping, the goddess came to my dream.

“Mikhail.” She said.

“Yes goddess?”

“I want you to be the guardian of my daughter, Gabreelle Justine Somers.” Right then and there i saw a beautiful girl cooking and cleaning.

“Do you accept? Even if it meant that you would give up your own life for her?” She said

“I accept.”

“Then you have to get going tomorrow to the Nightwood Pack.” She said. “You have my blessing that you will have a prosperous and loving life.”

I suddenly thought about my recently being rejected.

“Hold on to my words.” She said and kissed my forehead.

As i woke up, i packed light and bid my good bye to Sean and Nonna.

“If anything happens, you get the pack members to safety by going to the plane and going to Milan.” I said. Our pack was located in Florida.

As i was going out the gate, “wait!” Someone called out. I rolled my eyes when i instantly knew who it was as i turned Cynthia was running to me.

I saw her get her heart broken and i don’t fucking care. “Please accept me again.” She begged.

“No.” I said heartless.

“I am sorry!” She shouted in desperation. “Please Mikhail, accept me.”

“Why? So, you could enjoy my wealth? Fucking user.” I said.

“We were meant to be together!”

“You rejected me! Lied to me! Made me look like a fool and you say that we’re meant to be together? Have fun trying to fit in with Gerald and Julie.”

“Mikhail,please! I, Cynthia Kirkland accept Reed Mikhail Storm as my mate!”

“Do not call me Mikhail you don’t have the right to. I Reed mikhail storm reject Cynthia Kirkland as my mate.” I said.

As i went on my way, sean called me that there was an attack. My grandparents and Sean


“Did you hear that?” Asked jude.

“It’s my mom.” I said.

“Goddess.” He says.

I am giving you the power of choosing what the faith of the world will be.

The world?

Then the whole sky became like a screen and showed Mikhail mourning for me, sandy not waking up, macy and alex taking over Lycans,hybrids and witches against the werewolves. Half the vampires are with macy whom she convinced and half were with the werewolves.

A lot died including Kade and macy decapitated Mikhail and held his lifeless head signalling that the war is done then lightning struck her and it made her look younger and radiant.

“Next is the human race” she said smirking.

She attacked the human race, blood being shed. Human are now turning into Hybrids as Lycans bite them.

It was a world full of evil, all because of a selfish decision that me and jude won’t come back.

“Stop!” I yelled.

What is it my child?

“I will go back.” I said.

“Me too.” Jude said.

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