The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 82


I was watching and waiting for Gabreelle to wake up. It had been 3 days and there was still no movement from her, as well as Sandy.

My phone rang and i saw that it was Christopher i answered, “hello?”

“Reed, you gotta help us.” He said.

“What? What happened?”i asked

“The pack got attacked by those Lycans we’re now cut down to 20.” He said. I could sense in his voice that he is broken.

No alpha would want his pack to be harmed, neither does an alpha want his pack to die without any reason.

“I suggest that we join packs, christopher.” I said.

“That’s a great idea.”he said.

“I’ll bring kade with me when we fly tonight.” I said.

“How’s bree?”

“She’s still… spirit-less” i said giving out a sigh.

“The elders are trying to ask some old pack members if they know anything that can help.”


Going back has a price. My mother said.

“That’s a bit unfair don’t you think.” Jude said. “I’ve already said that I’m sorry.”

“His soul got departed from his body because he wanted to show that he really was sorry.” I said. Jude told me

I know but my children please do know that Everything has a price. she says.

I opened my mouth to say something but she stopped me, Not you,gabreelle. Jude only. She said.

“Now that’s unfair, both our spirits were released.” I said.

My child you are pure.

“I offer myself to doing good and fighting against evil. If i fail at any means you have my life to cease.” He said kneeling down.

Goddess took his wrist slashed it and slashed her then pressed her wrist against his.

Very well.

“Mother, please. I don’t know what to do.” I said.

My child you are wise and intelligent. You’ll figure it out. She says smiling at me, i believe in you and so does jude, mikhail and all the others that you left in the physical realm. I’m just here to guide you.

“Maybe you can start by helping me escape macy?”

“Ohh yeah. That would be the top priority.” I said.

All the answers to all of your questions, i have already shown you.

What does that mean?” I asked.

As i felt like i was about to fall i heard my mother’s voice you are intelligent and wise, you will figure it out eventually.

As i blinked i inhaled long and coughed,

“Fuck!” I heard someone cussed.


I was packing my stuff also Gabreelle’s in case she miraculously wakes up.

“Reed!” Kade yelled.

I ran to kade who was in Sandy’s room and saw that Sandy was awake and was coughing.

“Thank goddess you’re alive.” I said and hugged her.

“Bree? Where’s bree?” She asked.

“She-” i stopped, “her spirit departed from her body.”

“How long has it been?”

“3 days.” I said.

“She will wake up.” Kade said patting my back.

“It’s the last day. If she doesn’t go back to her body her physical body will die and she can no longer come back.” She said.

“You guys pack up.” I said broken. I’d have to say good bye just in case she doesn’t come back.

Austin howled in pain at the thought.

When i got back to the room, i held her hand and was going to speak when i started to cry. Then she inhaled a long breath “fuck!” I muttered.

She looked at me. I must be dreaming she’s alive! I hugged her.

“I thought i lost you!” I said as i tightened the hug.

“Who are you?” She asks.

What the fuck

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