The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 83


Seeing Christopher struggle was fun to watch, he deserved it for trying to end my life.

“That was fun.” Alex said as he sits down on the sofa as we got home from attacking Nightwood Pack.

“But you didn’t kill the others.” I said. “You could’ve killed christopher to get vengeance for killing me.”

It would have been fun to see him die a painful death from the hands of my mate. It’s alright because then we can get Christopher to call for help and Reed and his pack will come to San Diego tomorrow to save the day.

“What’s the plan,baby?” He asks as he stretched.

“The plan is easy.” I said. “We need to find a place to stay near Nightwood so when Reed comes we can put a spell on one of his pack members and we can find where they have been hiding bree and their son.”

“So,we pack tonight then?” He asks.

“Yes, we pack tonight.”

I will have my vengeance, i will get to bree and finish her off and i will get my inheritance!

We packed for the following days, and set to go near Nightwood, we found a big mansion just outside the territory of Nightwood but was occupied by Rogues.

“You know what to do.” I said to my fellow witch Beatrice.

She nods at me and started to chant and cast a spell on the mansion. When we came in we only saw a pile of ashes, i noticed a picture of a family. There was the parents, two teenage brothers, a teenage sister and a baby boy.

“There was a baby,oops.” I said and all of us laughed.


“Gabreelle…” i said unable to process anything that’s going through my head.

She forgot about us. She forgot everything. Then she fucking laughs

“You thought that i’d really forget you?” She says.

I sighed and she hugged me and laughed. “The look on your face though.” She said.

“My god, i love you.” I said and she grinned at me.

“I love you too.” She said and hugged me tight.

“Get ready, we’ll be going to California.” I said.

“Don’t tell me Macy planned an attack?”

“I don’t think so.” I said. “Macy doesn’t have a connection to the Lycans.”

“Alex.” She says. “Alex is in on it. I saw it in a vision.”

“That fucker, when i see him i will castrate him and feed it to him.” I said.

“That’s a good idea but for now. We need to rescue my brother, we met in the other world.” She says as she gets some clothes from her bag. “As in we need to get to Witch mountain as soon as possible.”

“Your brother? I thought he was mates with Macy?”

“She put a spell on him. Fake mate bond.” She says as she gets a towel from the closet.

“Where is he?”

“Witch mountain.” She says. Then she disappears and then i heard the shower.

After ten minutes she was done and was out of the shower wearing black leggings and a camouflage printed oversized shirt, “what happened to you in the other world?” I asked,

“I was at peace.” She says as she dries her hair with her towel. “Jude and i wanted to stay but then mother decided to show us what would happen if we don’t go back.”

“How sure are you that Jude is not sent by macy to the other world?” I asked.

“He swore his life to the goddess.” She says.

“Okay,that’s good.” I said.

“Is sandy awake now?” She asks.

“Yeah, why?”

She smiled knowingly, “ohh nothing. I just had a theory.”

I smiled, “i’m happy that you’re happy and alive.” I looked at her lips then to her eyes as she looked at mine.

“Just kiss me already.” She said rolling her eyes playfully.

I chuckled, i didn’t need to be told twice we both held each others cheek and kissed. It was sweet at first but then it became more hungry so it was a bit rough.

Her hands went in my shirt and ran her hands on my obliques to my chest, i moan in pleasure.

But it was shortly lived when somebody bust open the door,

“Come on man, we know that you love her but sleeping with her is called necrophilia.” Kade said while his eyes were closed as well as Sean and Sandy’s.

“Necrophilia?” I asked.

“Isn’t that for unconscious or dead people?” Gabreelle said.

They all looked and saw that she’s alive, they ran and attacked her into a group hug. She laughed, “i missed you guys.” She said.

“We thought you were gone.” Sean said.

“It’s nice to see you too,sean.” She said.

“Celine put wolfsbane and powdered silver on your food.” I said.

“That bitch.” She muttered.

“She’s gone though.” I said.

Gabreelle looked guilty, “ohh.”

“You don’t have to feel guilty she did gave you a hard time.” I said.

She takes a deep breath, “guys we have a mission.”

“Yes! I need to check this off my bucket list.” Sandy said.

“What?” We all asked.

“Doing a spy thing.” She said and she crosses of something in her notepad.

“My brother Jude is being held captive by Macy we need him safe.” She said.

“Jude? You mean the cute guy?” Sandy asked.

“Yes.” she says, ” we need to go to witch mountain. As in tonight.”

“Can we get there in a few hours?” I asked Sean.

“If we’ll be using the jet then it would be faster.” Sean replied.

“We also need Christopher’s pack to be home here by morning.” She said.

“I can just pull some strings and have them on a plane to go here.” I said.

“You go do that.” She said and i nod. I got my phone and called Nonno, “hey nonno, are you still friends with your old pal Giovanni?”

“Why yes, he’s in Los Angeles though.” Nonno said, “why’d you ask?”

“We need his plane.” I said.

“I’ll tell him so.” He said “it’s good to see you be more energetic than the last phone call.”

“Why shouldn’t he be,nonno?” Asked gabreelle.

“Gabreelle!” He shouted and then in the background we could all hear Gabe shout “Mamamama!”

“Ohh thank goddess.” Nonna said.

“I’ll call him right now.” Nonno said.

“Okay.” I said. “Bye! Kiss gabe for us.”

“We will. Ciao.” Then we hung up.

“So,what’s the plan?” I asked Gabreelle.

“We’ll need to split.” She said. “Sandy, sean and I will go to witch mountain.”

“No, i’m coming with you.” I said. There is no way in hell that i am letting her go without me.

“Mikhail.” She said.

“No,gabreelle. I just got you i won’t have you leave me again.”

“I know but hear me out.” She said. “Martin will fly the plane for Christopher. You and Kade have an important mission.”

“What?” I asked. What could be more important than being with her?

“I need you to convince the vampires to be on our side.” She says.

“Are you fucking mad!” Kade exclaimed in surprise.

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