The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 84


Sean was driving the jet near Witch mountain. It took us about an hour to fly there in such a high speed that had all of us puking our guts out as we got out from the jet.

Yes including Sean.

“Can you cast a spell to have them fall asleep or something?” I asked Sandy.

“I think i can, but i’m not that powerful to have it last very long. I think it can work for only 10 minutes.”

“That’s all we need.” I said.

Then she started chanting and cast a spell on the mansion, “go.” She said.

The three of us ran, we all knew that Jude was locked up in the basement. As we went in the house there were a lot of witches more witches than hybrids.

We went to the basement and saw Jude who laid battered and full of blood. When Sean tried to open the cell he got thrown to the wall,

“It has a spell on it.” I said.

“I can’t open that. It’s too powerful.” Sandy said.

“You’re powerful.” I said, “come on, sandy. Believe in yourself.”

“I’ll try.” She said skeptical.

“Don’t try, do it.” I encouraged.

“Guys 3 minutes left.” Sean said.

She chanted her spell at first it was barely a whisper but then i had to shout at her, “He’s your mate!”

Then she shouted the chant and cast the spell that opened the door of the cell. Sean carried him and ran out of the mansion. I held Sandy and ran out ofthe mansion.

We didn’t stop running until we reached the jet. When we got in the jet plane, jude woke up and saw Sandy.

Sandy touched his bloodied lip, “mate.” Both of them said.


“How are we going to convince the vampires?” Asked kade.

“Bro, i don’t know.” I said to him honestly.

At the border we saw two vampires, “we come here in peace.” I said.

“Who are you?”

“I am Kade Matthews Reid from the Nightwood pack.” Kade said.

“I am Reed Mikhail Storm Alpha of the Lunar pack and Guardian of the Moon Goddess’ Daughter .” I said.

They bowed down and let us in, “what is your purpose here?” Asked the warrior.

“We wish to speak with your Elders.” I said.

“Very well.” He said, “but before you do we want to make sure that both of your intentions are pure.”

Three vampires held me and shackled me to the wall with a silver chain as well as kade.

Then the vampire slashed our wrists, our blood dripped on the bucket. When both of our buckets were half full, “look into my eyes.”

I did and i felt like i had no control over my body.

“Very interesting.” Said the vampire.

Then released both of us.

“The moon goddess’ daughter… did she really speak with her mother?”

“Yes.” I said.

“Very well, but we have to talk to her before we completely agree.” Said an elder.

“Until then you are going to be held captive here.” He said as the vampires take us into a room where there were no windows.

“Ahh, so this is where they can sleep.” Kade said.

“No shit sherlock.” I said.

“So grumpy.” Kade said. He pulled out his phone and his eyes grew wide.


“There’s no cell reception.” He said i quickly pulled out my phone from my pocket and saw that mine had no cell reception either.

“We’re fucked.” I said.


We were now in the pack house in Milan, “are mikhail and kade back?” I asked.

“They should be.” Sean said.

“Unless-” sandy stopped.

“No, don’t tell me that they’re in trouble.” I said.

“Maybe they are.” Sandy said and pulled out her phone to call Kade. “Cannot be reached!” She exclaimed.

I tried calling Mikhail, but it couldn’t reach him either.

“There are no cell receptions there.” Sean said.

“We should go.” I said.

Sean nod at me, “Sandy you stay with my brother.” I said.

“You be careful out there.” Jude said.

I smiled at him, “you get well.”

Sean and i went to Greece, where Kade and Mikhail went. An hour in i felt like my whole body was being torn piece by piece.

Katrina please help me. Help me!

I shouted in pain, “alex marked somebody else!” I screamed.

“Fuck.” Muttered Sean.

I’m here. Katrina said. Let go and let me take care of this mate situation.

So i did.


Bree was stretching her body in different positions as she yells out in pain but then she stopped and i saw her eyes transform into gray ones.

“Bree are you okay?”

She had a hard time catching her breath. “Yes.” She said. “My wolf… she’s back.”

“Thank goddess, you’re alright! I didn’t know what to do.”

“Thanks for the concern, sean.” She said smiling.

“Your eyes… look at the mirror.” I said to her.

She looked herself and saw that she had gray eyes. She gasped, “why?”

“Maybe you’re wolf had become stronger.” I said. “My eyes were black before and now it’s brown.”

She was silent but she smiled, “i’m proud of my wolf.” She said.

I smiled, “Reed’s eyes were also black before but now his eyes were like a brownish green.” I said.

“He had been through so much.” She says.

“He had, but he had gotten stronger and wiser.” I said. “He always thought that he’d never love again.”

She smiled, “but he did.”

I nod at her, “Yes,he did. He loves you.”

“And i love him too.” She says, “that’s why we need to save them.”

When we arrived, “who-“

“My guardian is in your mansion.” She says and they bowed at her and let us come in.

As we came in the door it had large windows but there was a small door, we went in and there we saw the real vampire mansion as there was not a single window.

An old vampire came to our view, “You are?”

“Looking for my guardian and my friend.” Bree said.

“Feisty.” I said.

“Ahh, you’re the moon goddess’ daughter.” The other old vampire said.

“We wish to know what you saw in thr other world.” An old lady vampire said.

“High priestess.” Bree acknowledged and we both bowed.

“Daughter of the goddess.” She said and all of themb bowed.

“I am willing to share with you my memory.” She said.

The high priestess held Bree’s head, her thumbs were on bree’s forehead. Both of them winced in pain,

“The witches had made hybrids from mating with the lycans, they wished to rule the world with evil. Half of the vampires that she had convinced were on their side. Half of us were on the other side, after them killing almost all of us they wanted to have a war against humans.” High priestess said.

Then she let go of Bree’s head, “I’m sorry for what you have been through.”she said to bree. “I give my utmost respect for you and your friends for standing by you and in the good. For that i give my promise to have all us vampires be on the side of light.” She said as she slashed her palms.

Bree slashed hers and they shook hands. “A sacred promise that shall be fulfilled.” All the vampires chanted. “With death as consequence if not fuflfilled.”

“Thank you High Priestess, thank you Elders for your time. Can i now have my guardian and friend set free?”

“Why,of course.” She said smiling.

We went up the stairs and saw a door, when we opened it. “I think I should be your guardian not the other way around.” Bree said to reed.

He smiled sheepishly, “sorry.”

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